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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Ecowelldog

The Good:  Made in the USA, Eco friendly, cruelty free, all natural and herbal.  All herbs are ethically and organically grown and all bottles are made with recycled plastic. Manufactured in FDA approved laboratories and made with better than human … Continue reading

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Premium Plus Skin and Coat by Doctors Foster & Smith

  The Good:  Highly concentrated, contains a blend of essential linoleic acid (an Omega 6 fatty acid) plus Omega 3 fatty acids along with a blend of vitamins, zinc and antioxidant nutrients including Biotin for skin and coat health. Made … Continue reading

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Pet Prescriptions Now Available at TARGET, PetRx

  I have been purchasing my dogs prescriptions from Target for about a year now.  Rocco Jet has a heart condition which requires him to be on three different (very expensive) medications every day.  Luckily, two of them are actually … Continue reading

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula, Nutritional Supplement

  The Good:  Highly concentrated, palatable blend of nutrients, unique protein blend, patented ingredients assist in the development of a strong immune system, healthy digestive tract and normal joint function. Supports a healthy weight, brain health, skin and coat, immune … Continue reading

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Slippery Paws – Cover Your Marble, Ceramic and Hardwood Floors

Have you ever walked across the ice?  It’s slippery, cold, hard and very easy to quickly lose your footing.  This is how dogs feel when they walk across marble, granite, ceramic tile and hardwood floors.  Their paws have zero grip … Continue reading

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Mistakes We Make When We Greet a New Dog

We LOVE dogs, we love their soft ears, their waggin’ tails and their quirky smiles. Our instincts are all wrong though when we approach a new dog for the first time. It’s easy to forget that dogs see us as … Continue reading

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Specialty Referral and Emergency Hospital, Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH), Naples, Florida

Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH) located in Naples, Florida is the largest specialty referral and emergency hospital in Southwest Florida.  ASH is the only hospital in Southwest Florida to offer board-certified veterinary specialists in neurology, surgery, internal medicine, critical care and … Continue reading

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Eco Friendly Planet Petco Dog Toys

The Good: Eco Friendly, safe non-toxic materials, 100 % natural sustainable cotton, made with safe natural vegetable dyes, durable and very stimulating and fun for your dog. The Bad: Be cautious with strong chewers with any dog chew toy.  Dogs … Continue reading

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Is Your Dog a Licker?

Is your dog a licker?  I have two lickers in my home, one that is obsessed with licking his stuffed animals and one that licks people.  I always thought this crazed licking must mean something, because Bruce Lee is not … Continue reading

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DOGS, The Goodness of God

Life brings us so many ups and downs, especially nowadays.  Sometimes it seems like our only salvation is our little furry gifts from GOD.  When I need to be reminded of the Goodness of God, all I need to do … Continue reading

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