DOGZAR Reviews . . . Ecowelldog

EcowelldogThe Good:  Made in the USA, Eco friendly, cruelty free, all natural and herbal.  All herbs are ethically and organically grown and all bottles are made with recycled plastic. Manufactured in FDA approved laboratories and made with better than human grade ingredients. Ecowelldog products are designed for specific issues such as: itchy skin, dental solutions, eye and ear solutions, nervous dog solutions, older dog solutions, puppy solutions, outdoor dogs solutions and some products are made specifically for small and large size dogs.

The Bad: There is such a huge selection of products to choose from, it may get a little overwhelming, but Ecowelldog has created an easy solution.  On the website, they have a button you can click labeled, “Not sure what to order?”.  Just click on this button and it directs you to a page with six problem-solution categories.  Problem solved!

The Review: Ecowelldog is a newly merged company that was formed when Cain & Able and Happytails joined forces in 2011.  Ecowelldog now consists of five brands of high quality, all natural, eco-focused problem solving grooming and wellness products for dogs.

Sample of some of Ecowelldog's Product Line

The five brands are:

Cain & Able – Bath products and Spa Accessories
Happytails – Problem Solution Products
Kiss Able – All Natural Doggie Dental Items
Dirty & Hairy – For the Outdoor Dog
Dogmaceuticals – All Natural Line of Canine Cosmeceuticals

DOGZAR was able to review several of these products such as:

Flea the Scene a 3-in-1 spray which acts as an insect repellent, gentle emollient to sooth itchy skin and a UV protector with all natural sunscreen.

Itchin’ for Relief an all natural blend of ingredients designed with a unique “nozzler” that delivers exact application to your dogs skin to provide immediate relief of itchy skin.

Kiss Able Dental Wipes made with aloe, baking soda, peppermint, fennel and pomegranate extract to keep your dogs teeth clean, free of bacteria and their breath fresh.

Kiss Able Probiotic Anti-Plaque Spray helps prevent bad breath, reduces tartar build up and contains over 14 strains of probiotics.

We were extremely pleased with all of the products we sampled and reviewed.  All products had very pleasant scents that obviously reflected all of the ingredients accurately and beautifully.  Our dog, Bruce Lee has very sensitive skin and occasionally itches due to allergies.  When we applied Itchin’ for Relief, we found that it soothed his skin and stopped his urge to itch.  Living in Florida under the blazing hot sun, we were so excited to learn that Flea the Scene also provide UV protection.  So we now always do a quick spritz on our dogs before they head outside to protect them from fleas and mosquitoes and to keep their skin safe from the sun.  Thank you Ecowelldog for joining forces and developing such an amazing line of problem solving grooming and wellness products for our canines.  Thank you also for being so socially and ethically responsible by being carbon-neutral, using recycled plastic, using organically grown herbs and making all of your products and components in the USA!

Phone 1-866-364-7720

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Premium Plus Skin and Coat by Doctors Foster & Smith


Doctors Foster and Smith Premium Plus Skin & Coat Omega Fatty Acid Supplement
Doctors Foster and Smith Premium Plus Skin & Coat Omega Fatty Acid Supplement

The Good:  Highly concentrated, contains a blend of essential linoleic acid (an Omega 6 fatty acid) plus Omega 3 fatty acids along with a blend of vitamins, zinc and antioxidant nutrients including Biotin for skin and coat health. Made in the USA.

The Bad:  Only sold online.

The Review:  I purchased Doctors Foster and Smith Premium Plus Skin & Coat Omega Fatty Acid Supplement several years ago.  I had purchased a very expensive comparable dietary supplement from my Veterinarian and I really liked the results, so I went on a search to find a similar product, only cheaper.  The reason I needed this supplement was because Rocco Jet had very dry skin and needed something to supplement his diet. His hair was brittle, itchy, he had dandruff and he seemed to be uncomfortable in his skin.  I noticed a difference after about a month of use.  Rocco Jets skin was definitely improving, less itchy and his hair was silky smooth.  It is very easy to use.  I use it once a day at dinner time, I spray one squirt of liquid into the food and Rocco Jet gobbles it right up!  Doctor Fosters and Smith offers three sizes to choose from: 12 oz./$14.99, 24 oz./$24.99 and 64 oz./$49.99.  These are all great prices compared to the Veterinary Clinic options, so any size is a good choice, but you can’t go wrong with the 64 oz. size.  With such an excellent price for such an excellent product – you will be happy you went with the largest size.

Doctors Foster and Smith
Item #36081
2253 Air Park Road
Rhinelander, WI 54501

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Pet Prescriptions Now Available at TARGET, PetRx


Target PetRx
Target PetRx

I have been purchasing my dogs prescriptions from Target for about a year now.  Rocco Jet has a heart condition which requires him to be on three different (very expensive) medications every day.  Luckily, two of them are actually human grade prescriptions and I am able to buy them through Targets $4 Generics Program, which is AWESOME!!  Unfortunately, one of the prescriptions, Vetmedin, is not human grade, it is solely for Veterinary use and I have to purchase this medication at my local Veterinary Clinic.

I was very happy to learn recently that Target is now stocking your dogs (and cats) prescriptions!!  Target’s PetRx is only available at select Target Pharmacies, so call ahead of time to find the location closest to you that is participating.  This means less driving all over town, less gas and less money, what could be better than that?  Plus, some of your dogs medications are also available with Targets $4 Generic Program.  So when you are turning in your dogs prescription to be filled, ask is your dogs medication comes in the generic equivalent.  I checked on Rocco’s Vetmedin to see how much of a savings I was going to get if I purchased from Target . . . unfortunately it is not one of the $4 Generic medications, but I will be saving $18 by purchasing the Vetmedin from Target, instead of from my local Veterinarian, which is huge!

I have seen a pretty impressive change lately, in grocery stores, department stores like Target and Walmart, wholesale clubs like Sam’s and Costco . . . . I have noticed the pet isles are getting bigger.  I don’t just see a small expansion like a few extra products added to the shelves, I see the isles are becoming departments, entire sections of stores!  Obviously we are all spending more and more of our hard earned dollars on our dogs and the retail giants have taken notice.  I am so pleased to see that they have finally realized that our dogs are our family by providing our furry family members with discounted medications and entire sections of stores.  Thank you Target!!

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula, Nutritional Supplement


ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula
ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula - Nutritional Supplement

The Good:  Highly concentrated, palatable blend of nutrients, unique protein blend, patented ingredients assist in the development of a strong immune system, healthy digestive tract and normal joint function. Supports a healthy weight, brain health, skin and coat, immune health, performance, cellular protection, eye health, digestive health, heart health and joint health.  Excellent for puppies, adult and senior dogs. Made in the USA.

The Bad:  Very hard to find and purchase.  Available at select Veterinary clinics at a premium price and also available online at veterinary supply companies at discounted prices.

The Review:  I purchased ProBalance from my Veterinarian about seven years ago for Rocco Jet and we have been using it every day ever since.  The reason we started using it was because Rocco had very dry skin and needed something to supplement his diet.  Once a day, I add one small scoop (approx. 1 teaspoon) to each of my dogs’ food.  I noticed that after about a month, his skin and coat both improved, his coat was smooth and shiny and his skin was improving.  Both of my dogs absolutely LOVE their ProBalance.  I add one teaspoon of water to the powder to create delicious gravy.  As soon as they hear me opening the ProBalance container, they both come running into the kitchen for their yummy treat.

Rocco Jet has had two MPL (luxating Patella) surgeries (due to trauma) and has also been battling a heart murmer and a leaky valve.  He is a healthy weight and his legs both function better than brand new (we call him our little bionic dog, he runs so fast that we named him Rocco JET).  Plus, he has lived well past the timeline our cardiologist gave Rocco.  Both of my dogs are extremely intelligent, people are always noticing and commenting on how extremely smart both Rocco Jet and Bruce Lee are.  I don’t know if it’s because they take this daily dietary supplement, or if it just because they are blessed, but they both love ProBalance and I have only witnessed positive results.  I would recommend this product for your dogs and also recommend purchasing online from a reputable veterinary supply company because the cost is significantly lower.

ProBalance – Canine Wellness Formula – Nutritional Supplement
AVN Global Sciences, Inc.
P.O. Box 2486
Temecula, CA 92593

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Slippery Paws – Cover Your Marble, Ceramic and Hardwood Floors

Slippery tile floors are dangerous for your dog.
Slippery tile floors are dangerous for your dog.

Have you ever walked across the ice?  It’s slippery, cold, hard and very easy to quickly lose your footing.  This is how dogs feel when they walk across marble, granite, ceramic tile and hardwood floors.  Their paws have zero grip when it comes to these types of floors.  Impossible to walk on and dangerous when  they eventually slip and fall.   Veterinarians have told me that some dogs have hereditary joint problems also which only multiplies the problem.  Hip dysplasia, luxating patella and arthritis is common in dogs and walking on these types of floors is extremely difficult.  The risk of injury is high and probable and larger dogs have even a harder time.  Their center of gravity is higher so it is harder to balance and when they fall, they fall harder.

Bruce Lee LOVES his plush area rugs.
Bruce Lee LOVES his plush area rugs.


Buy area rugs and runners with rubber backing.  Our house has marble everywhere and even though we invested a fortune in this beautiful stone, we have covered 80% with beautiful, decorative, soft, fluffy area rugs.  Learn from our mistake, ONLY purchase rugs without looping. Do NOT buy carpets made with a loop or berber.  When your dogs play on the carpet, their toe nails WILL get caught in the loop!  Poor little Rocco Jet had a very bad experience when his toe nail was ripped out.  It looked like a scene from CSI, there was blood everywhere.  If this happens, you have to take your dog to the Veterinarian so that they can treat the toe and prescribe medication to avoid infection.  Needless to say, now we have LOOP FREE area rugs and our dogs are VERY HAPPY!

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Mistakes We Make When We Greet a New Dog

Allow a dog to approach you.
Allow a dog to approach you.

We LOVE dogs, we love their soft ears, their waggin’ tails and their quirky smiles. Our instincts are all wrong though when we approach a new dog for the first time. It’s easy to forget that dogs see us as GIANTS who may or may not be out to harm them. Dogs are very protective of their families and themselves, so they have a system of “sniffing” someone out first before they can feel safe around us.

The following is a list of what NOT to do when you want to Greet a dog . . .

1. Never stare a dog in the eyes as you are approaching – dogs immediately see this as threatening.

2. Never scream loudly as you are approaching, even if you are excited and the dog is totally adorable, this sound is very scary for a dog.

3. Never lean over a dog and then attempt to put your hand in the dogs face or touch the dog in any way. The dog has no idea what you are doing and this is a very threatening position.

4. Never reach out and try to hug or pick up a dog. Even though every inch of you wants to hold and embrace a dog, this is horrifying for a dog.

5. Never put your face in a dogs face to say “Hello”, or to try to kiss a dog. Until a dog knows you and trusts you, keep your distance.

6. Never smoke cigars or cigarettes and then approach a dog. Most dogs are allergic to this toxic smoke and their instincts are to stay as far away from a smoker as possible.

7. Never wear heavy perfume and then approach a dog. Dogs noses are very sensitive to smells and heavy perfume can actually make a dog sick.

8. Never take your dog and push it in the face of another dog. Dogs have a method of socializing and this action is just too invasive.

The following is how to CORRECTLY have a dog APPROACH YOU . . .

1. Stand or sit in a non threatening position, usually with your body direction pointing away from the dog.

2. Do not give the dog eye contact at all.

3. Allow the dog to sniff you and approach you on his own.

4. After the dog feels comfortable around you, only pet his back.

5. Always speak in a soft and calming tone.

Dogs need to take time to feel comfortable around new people. All dogs are different, some dogs are very social and some dogs are not – until you know exactly what personality a dog has, always allow a dog to approach you when they are ready. Be patient and you will be rewarded with doggie kisses!

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Specialty Referral and Emergency Hospital, Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH), Naples, Florida

Animal Specialty Hospital - ASH

Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH) located in Naples, Florida is the largest specialty referral and emergency hospital in Southwest Florida.  ASH is the only hospital in Southwest Florida to offer board-certified veterinary specialists in neurology, surgery, internal medicine, critical care and oncology.

Services available:

Critical Care & 24 Hour Emergency
Neurology & Neurosurgery
Internal Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
General Surgery
Physical Rehabilitation
Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging

We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Carnes a few years ago when we had an emergency with Bruce Lee.  Dr. Carnes was the emergency room neurologist and examined Bruce Lee, unfortunately he was experiencing severe back pain.  At the time, Dr. Carnes was located in Southeast Florida, near Miami.  We are so lucky that during this scary time we met Dr. Carnes.   She treated Bruce Lee and instructed us on how the body type that Bruce Lee has (long spine and short legs) makes him prone to spine related problems.  At the time, Bruce Lee only needed bed rest. She informed us that Bruce Lee’s back problem could improve on it’s own or unfortunately it could get worse.  She informed us that the minute we notice that he is having a serious problem walking, we need to get him into surgery immediately to avoid paralysis.

A year later, out of the blue one morning, Bruce Lee lost the use of his back legs.  We rushed him to Dr. Carnes brand new facility, ASH in Naples, Florida.  She was able to located the problem immediately and rush him into surgery. Bruce Lee is now walking perfectly with absolutely no pain and we couldn’t be happier.

The medical team at ASH are extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Everyone from the front desk customer service to the medical specialists make you and your dog feel very welcome and as soon as you walk through the doors you just know you are in good hands.  The facility is brand new, the medical equipment is state of the art, and ASH is the only facility on the Gulf coast to have a high-field MRI, CT and physical rehabilitation center within the hospital.

Even though I currently live in Miami, I will drive the hour long car ride to make sure my dogs are treated by the veterinary medical specialists at ASH.

The following is a video we captured while Bruce Lee was at ASH for his 2 week post operative visit. A dog was getting water therapy and we were able to peek in and record the following footage . . .

Animal Specialty Hospital – ASH
10130 Market Street
Naples, Florida 34102

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Eco Friendly Planet Petco Dog Toys

Planet Petco Eco Friendly Dog Toys
Bruce Lee enjoying his Plant Petco stuffed animal.

The Good: Eco Friendly, safe non-toxic materials, 100 % natural sustainable cotton, made with safe natural vegetable dyes, durable and very stimulating and fun for your dog.

The Bad: Be cautious with strong chewers with any dog chew toy.  Dogs can quickly rip apart any toy.

The Review:  I am very much an advocate of all things “Green”.  I especially want to protect my dogs from toxic dyes and materials, especially since chewing on dog toys is their number one activity.  I was so excited to purchase Planet Petco’s Eco Friendly dog toys for my dogs.  Even more excited when I got to the cash register and found that I was purchasing during a SALE and got all the toys 1/2 off!  The prices are normally about average for dog toys, which was shocking, because usually “Green” products tend to be a little more pricey.  The selection was great, you can choose from a simple rope or a cute stuffed animal, or toys with squeekers, or toys with different textures to stimulate your dogs to chew.  Bruce Lee really loves theses Eco Friendly toys.  The rope and the doggie stuffed animal that I bought for him, he keeps in his constant rotation.  He chews much more aggressively on the rope and really has tried to destroy it without avail.  The doggie stuffed animal he prefers to “tooth” (just using his front teeth) and lick passionately.  I am so happy that Petco has produced this line of products – I wouldn’t purchase anything else except these safe, all natural, non toxic toys!

Planet Petco Eco Friendly Dog Toys
Planet Petco Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Nationwide, stores everywhere
Phone: (877) 738-6742

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Is Your Dog a Licker?

Is your dog a licker?
Bruce Lee licking his stuffed animal.

Is your dog a licker?  I have two lickers in my home, one that is obsessed with licking his stuffed animals and one that licks people.  I always thought this crazed licking must mean something, because Bruce Lee is not actually eating the stuffed animals, he is simply licking them.  He goes into a trance-like state, closes his eyes and licks away . . . until he falls asleep.  He does this day and night. Rocco Jet licks in two different ways, when he is showing that he is thankful for food time, he will give me a couple licks as a “Thank You” when I am preparing his food, and also like Bruce Lee, he will our lick legs and arms with the same trance-like state, until he falls asleep too.  It appears as if this is a kind of endorphin releasing trance they both love, relaxes them, gives them pleasure and a strong sense of comfort and security.

Reasons dogs lick:

1. As a submissive gesture.  Wild dogs lick the more dominant dog.

2. To sense the feelings of the person they are licking, some dogs pick up on a persons feelings from just one lick.

3. To show their owners that they are happy.

4. To enter a trance-like state of pleasure, which releases endorphins and helps them to completely relax.

If your dog is a licker, it’s important to purchase organic, all natural toys for your dog to lick.  The last thing you want is your dog getting toxic poison from cheap dog toys.  Also, if  your dog licks people, be cautious of what you put on your skin.  Moisturizers and creams can have ingredients in them which can make your dog very sick, especially bug repellant sprays and sunscreens.  As a  precaution, if you have a licker, the best practice is to shower off any traces of these products before your dog licks you.

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DOGS, The Goodness of God

Goodness of God
DOGS, the Goodness of God

Life brings us so many ups and downs, especially nowadays.  Sometimes it seems like our only salvation is our little furry gifts from GOD.  When I need to be reminded of the Goodness of God, all I need to do is look at my little Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet.  All animals, especially dogs, are precious gifts from Heaven put on this earth to educate and remind us about Faith and unconditional Love.  When I kiss those little fuzzy faces, they remind me that there is unmeasurable joy, love and happiness that surrounds us.

Because of my dogs, I see the Goodness of  God all around me in all of the little things.  Their unconditional love, opens my eyes everyday to the blessings in my life.

“Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, Thank You for the gift you have given us, Thank You for blessing us with DOGS.”

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!