Pet Prescriptions Now Available at TARGET, PetRx


Target PetRx
Target PetRx

I have been purchasing my dogs prescriptions from Target for about a year now.  Rocco Jet has a heart condition which requires him to be on three different (very expensive) medications every day.  Luckily, two of them are actually human grade prescriptions and I am able to buy them through Targets $4 Generics Program, which is AWESOME!!  Unfortunately, one of the prescriptions, Vetmedin, is not human grade, it is solely for Veterinary use and I have to purchase this medication at my local Veterinary Clinic.

I was very happy to learn recently that Target is now stocking your dogs (and cats) prescriptions!!  Target’s PetRx is only available at select Target Pharmacies, so call ahead of time to find the location closest to you that is participating.  This means less driving all over town, less gas and less money, what could be better than that?  Plus, some of your dogs medications are also available with Targets $4 Generic Program.  So when you are turning in your dogs prescription to be filled, ask is your dogs medication comes in the generic equivalent.  I checked on Rocco’s Vetmedin to see how much of a savings I was going to get if I purchased from Target . . . unfortunately it is not one of the $4 Generic medications, but I will be saving $18 by purchasing the Vetmedin from Target, instead of from my local Veterinarian, which is huge!

I have seen a pretty impressive change lately, in grocery stores, department stores like Target and Walmart, wholesale clubs like Sam’s and Costco . . . . I have noticed the pet isles are getting bigger.  I don’t just see a small expansion like a few extra products added to the shelves, I see the isles are becoming departments, entire sections of stores!  Obviously we are all spending more and more of our hard earned dollars on our dogs and the retail giants have taken notice.  I am so pleased to see that they have finally realized that our dogs are our family by providing our furry family members with discounted medications and entire sections of stores.  Thank you Target!!

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Poisonous Palm Seeds, Beware of this Deadly Little Berry!


I have horribly sad news to report, Hugo a dachshund rescue adopt-a-dog passed away recently because he ate a tiny palm seed from a palm tree.  He needed several surgeries and was doing better in recovery, when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest.  We are all completely heartbroken.  I met Hugo at a pet expo this year and assisted the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida with taking some photos of Hugo and posting his adoption information on    Hugo was  a very sweet and loving little dog.

Palm Seeds
Palm Seeds in a Palm Tree

When I learned this information, I had no idea about palm seeds at all.  I have seen these little red berries on palm trees and scattered all around the ground and have walked passed them a million times before without even a thought.  We all go to such great lengths to protect our dogs from all the dangers lurking . . . frogs, toxic chemicals, toxic food, we buy life vests so when we take our dogs boating they are safe, we buy special gates to protect our dogs from falling through balconies and down stairs, we spend a fortune on vaccinations and routine veterinary exams to keep them healthy and a tiny red berry on the sidewalk can quickly end your dogs life, who knew?

My dogs are both extremely motivated by food.  We call Rocco Jet, “The Nibbler”, because all he wants to do is nibble all day.  Bruce Lee we call, “The Hoover”, because he is constantly searching the ground for particles of anything to eat.  Sometimes I think I should just put tiny muzzel’s on them to protect them  from eating things they find on the ground.  My biggest fear was that they would find someones discarded medication on the ground and eat that, now I am horrified of palm seeds.

Palm Seeds
Palm Seeds

After doing some research, if you suspect your dog has eaten a palm seed, the symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, liver failure and seizures.  Also, your dog can react from the toxins in two different ways, suffer immediate damage in 1 to 4 days of eating the berry or the chronic damage where your dog suffers liver damage in 1 to 3 months!  The only thing you can do is to seek immediate medical treatment from your Veterinarian.

I know in my heart that Hugo is now in Heaven and running around happy and healthy.  I hope that this tragedy will help other dogs from ever suffering from ingesting these tiny red berries.  Please protect your dogs from palm seeds. When walking your dog outside, keep your dog on a leash and walk far away from these seeds.

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . No More Slymees


No More Slymees
YoMo Essentials ~ No More Slymees (Organic Dog Bowl Cleaner)

The Good: Organic, no detergents or chemicals, earth friendly, easy to use, simple easy spray bottle and contains only all natural ingredients.

The Bad: Only sold online at YoMo Essentials and at select Dog Boutiques in South Florida and New York.

The Review: This was an easy product to review because we clean our dog’s bowls after every meal. I found that in order to get my dogs bowl really clean, I had to scrub like crazy to remove the thick slyme that forms from my dogs saliva.  It has been a challenge to say the least.

I always try to avoid all harsh chemicals and only purchase all natural cleansers to use in my home, especially on products for my dogs.  When I learned about No More Slymees, I was so excited to use a product that is not only organic and all natural, but will make my job easier!  My first reaction was to wash the bowls first then use No More Slymees. After I pushed myself not to clean their dirty bowls by traditional methods, I followed the instructions for No More Slymees exactly.

Shake well,
Spray over the entire surface,
Wipe and rinse.

Just a few simple steps and the organic essentials oils are eating away the bacteria and my dogs bowl’s are clean and free of any harmful ingredients. Because our little dog Rocco Jet has so many medical issues he eats every couple of hours. What is awesome about No More Slymees is the easy clean up when we feed Rocco Jet on the road or away from home. This product is the perfect clean up for when you are in the car at a hotel or don’t have a sink or water available. I’m extremely excited about this product. I haven’t heard or seen anything else like this on the market. I highly recommend No More Slymees. You will be amazed how well it works.

YoMo Essentials

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Bo Regards – Fire Safety Plaques

Bo Regards
Bo Regards ~ Decorative Fire Safety Plaque in Burnished Nickel

Fire safety and fire awareness is an extremely important issue that is often overlooked.  In the event of a fire or emergency situation and when only seconds count, it is imperative to provide life saving information to the men and women firefighters and rescue workers that are risking their lives to save ours.  DOGZAR truly believes that our dogs are our family and so does Bo Regards.  That is why owners, Mark and Debbi Rath and Else Cunningham decided to provide visual aids to alert emergency personnel to the presence of your pet in your home.

Bo Regards, Inc. is a family corporation, Mark and Debbi Rath’s sons, Jason and Jeremy, are both firefighters.  They noticed that most homes, condominiums and apartments do not post or provide any information as to the presence of pets.  If a firefighter is aware immediately of how many pets are in the home, they will rescue them too.  Most fire trucks are not equipped with life saving pet rescue oxygen masks.  I am sure you may have seen video footage of a firefighter trying to use an oxygen mask designed for people on an animal, unfortunately these masks are not designed for animals so the effectiveness of the mask is diminished considerably.  In an effort to solve this problem, Bo Regards very generously uses a percentage of their profits to donate these pet rescue oxygen masks to stations that are not equipped.

Bo Regards
Bo Regards ~ New to the market . . . Fire Truck Chrome

These beautiful and very decorative plaques come in several different finishes to choose from: Burnished Nickel, Burnished Brass, Burnished Copper and new to the market Fire Truck Chrome.  The plaque is 8.5″ x 8.5″, lightweight and durable, made of highly durable ABS Resin that has been electroplated, antiqued and finished with a clear lacquer protective coating (this is the same technique used in automotive, plumbing and aeronautical industries for many years).  Best of all, Bo Regards products are made in the USA.   The plaques are $34.95, you can also purchase reflective window stickers for an additional $5.00 each.  All items can be purchased on the Bo Regards website:

DOGZAR is a huge fan of Bo Regards, we just love the owners. They are genuine, honest and extremely kind people that have designed a unique and innovative product that will help save the lives of our dogs.  Support this small business today by purchasing a decorative plaque for your home and your family and friends homes . . . your sale will help fire stations in need of pet rescue oxygen masks and will give your dog its’ best chance to survive an emergency.

Bo Regards, Inc.

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula, Nutritional Supplement


ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula
ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula - Nutritional Supplement

The Good:  Highly concentrated, palatable blend of nutrients, unique protein blend, patented ingredients assist in the development of a strong immune system, healthy digestive tract and normal joint function. Supports a healthy weight, brain health, skin and coat, immune health, performance, cellular protection, eye health, digestive health, heart health and joint health.  Excellent for puppies, adult and senior dogs. Made in the USA.

The Bad:  Very hard to find and purchase.  Available at select Veterinary clinics at a premium price and also available online at veterinary supply companies at discounted prices.

The Review:  I purchased ProBalance from my Veterinarian about seven years ago for Rocco Jet and we have been using it every day ever since.  The reason we started using it was because Rocco had very dry skin and needed something to supplement his diet.  Once a day, I add one small scoop (approx. 1 teaspoon) to each of my dogs’ food.  I noticed that after about a month, his skin and coat both improved, his coat was smooth and shiny and his skin was improving.  Both of my dogs absolutely LOVE their ProBalance.  I add one teaspoon of water to the powder to create delicious gravy.  As soon as they hear me opening the ProBalance container, they both come running into the kitchen for their yummy treat.

Rocco Jet has had two MPL (luxating Patella) surgeries (due to trauma) and has also been battling a heart murmer and a leaky valve.  He is a healthy weight and his legs both function better than brand new (we call him our little bionic dog, he runs so fast that we named him Rocco JET).  Plus, he has lived well past the timeline our cardiologist gave Rocco.  Both of my dogs are extremely intelligent, people are always noticing and commenting on how extremely smart both Rocco Jet and Bruce Lee are.  I don’t know if it’s because they take this daily dietary supplement, or if it just because they are blessed, but they both love ProBalance and I have only witnessed positive results.  I would recommend this product for your dogs and also recommend purchasing online from a reputable veterinary supply company because the cost is significantly lower.

ProBalance – Canine Wellness Formula – Nutritional Supplement
AVN Global Sciences, Inc.
P.O. Box 2486
Temecula, CA 92593

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Is Florida Dog Friendly?

Is Florida Dog Friendly?
Is Florida Dog Friendly?

Is Florida Dog Friendly?

I have lived in Florida now for about 10 years and have always been hoping that we would be able to find the perfect city to live in that is completely dog friendly.  I have lived in Daytona Beach, Palm Beach, Naples and Miami and still have not felt that my dog is welcome or at home yet.

To start with, there are very few Florida beaches to take your dog to – and those beaches have MAJOR restrictions like the beach is only open for dogs on certain days and only at certain times during those days, dog owners must pay additional fees to enter the beach, which to me is discrimination.  Aren’t all beaches in Florida, public? Usually, we all pay to park our cars, but then the beach access is free.  Why do only dog owners have to pay extra?  Where is this money going and to whom?  People shouldn’t have to search high and low and drive long distances to find a dog friendly beach.

Regarding restaurants, there are still several Florida restaurants that will not allow my dog to sit outside in their outdoor patios.  This really confuses me, why will they allow squirrels, birds, ants, geckos and every other animal to enjoy their patios except my dog?  I actually prefer sitting inside anyways, because the cigarette smokers ruin any chance at actually enjoying my experience “outdoors” anyways.  I absolutely love the idea of sitting outdoors to enjoy the beach atmosphere, ocean breezes, etc. but unfortunately the second-hand smoke invading my lungs I do not love, neither do my dogs.  There are just a handful of Florida restaurants that will allow you to actually bring your dog inside.   There are a few, and when we find them, we will post them on

Don’t even talk to me about Florida condominium living and dogs.  The way I see it, usually a home or a condo is one of the largest investments a person will ever make in a lifetime.  Most of us only have one or two dogs and the reality is they live as our family members, in our homes (and in most cases, in our beds too).   Dogs have been a huge part of all stages throughout my life.  I have had dogs since I was a baby, throughout my childhood and adulthood and I’m sure I will have dogs when I am a senior citizen.  For the elderly, dogs not only bring unconditional love and constant companionship, they are a healthy lifestyle choice as well.  It gets people out and about, with daily walks and socializations.  Unfortunately, there are very few condominiums that allow dogs!  To me this is crazy, these are our family members.  And for those condos that allow dogs, they have MAJOR restrictions like only one dog, weight under 15 pounds, dogs not allowed to walk on the floors they must be carried and dogs not allowed in any common areas!  Why is it that ultra luxurious hotels like Loews, the Four Seasons and Kimpton allow dogs of all sizes to enjoy their hotels, but in condos – our actual homes, they will not?

Florida needs to move forward and accept the fact that most households have dogs, they are family members and we spend a fortune on keeping our dogs safe, healthy and happy.   Even during our current financial crisis in the world, the amount of money we spend on our dogs has not been affected, it has actually increased.  Restaurants need to open their doors to our dogs, they need to make ALL our beaches dog friendly without additional costs to dog owners and condominium associations need to change their rules on dogs and make all condos dog friendly.   If most households have dogs and Florida doesn’t become more dog friendly, what is keeping people from finding somewhere else to live?  We have investigated several cities throughout Florida and our search will continue.

DOGZAR is excited to begin our search for the world’s most dog friendly places to live.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

Introducing Your Dogs to Swimming, Boating and the Beach.

Swimming Dogs
A Hot Dog enjoying a Cool Pool . . .

So you want to introduce your dog to boating, swimming or going to the beach, you will want to do so carefully and have a plan, so that the experience is an enjoyable and safe one for both you and your dog.  Both of my dogs are interested in the water, but not big swimmers.  Every water situation is different and it all depends on the location.

The Beach: Most dogs are afraid of the waves that roll onto the beach, so in order to get your dogs comfortable with the water at the beach, go on days that are flat, with no waves.  This gives your dogs the confidence to just walk into the water and swim around. Large, loud crashing waves are too much for a beginner.  Be extremely cautious of sea creatures that will consider your dog  . . . food.  Most sharks feed in the early morning during sunrise and also again during sunset.

Boating: My dogs absolutely love boating. To them it’s just like being in the car, with the windows rolled down and their little faces loving the rush of the wind.  They get this same feeling while boating, plus they get to cool off in the water with us.  I strongly believe in dogs wearing life vests.  Anything could happen, if your dog falls or jumps in the water, the life vest will save your dogs life.  During your dogs first few times boating, avoid going fast, keep the boat slow, with no wake, so your dog does not get spooked by the loud engine noise or by being unstable.

Swimming: People forget that dogs usually cannot touch the bottom, they are usually doing the doggy paddle the entire time, which is exhausting.  I would definitely purchase a life vest, this allows your dog to float, relax and enjoy the water safely with you.  I introduced my dogs to swimming by purchasing something for them to float on first.  They sat on the float and enjoyed the water with us, then graduated to floating around in the water without the float (with life vests of course).

Life Vests for Dogs
This is the "Jacket Style" Life Vest for Dogs.

There are different types of life vests to choose from, the popular “jacket style” that you can get from Pet Supermarket, Petco, PetSmart and West Marine -or- the “bra style” that fits more like a bra or harness (this is the style I purchased for my dogs).  You have to take your dog to the store and try on the sizes to get the best fit, definitely ask the sales staff for assistance.  The perfect fit is very important for comfort and, of course, safety.

Remember to limit the amount of time your dog is in the water.  Keep the visits to the beach, boating or swimming brief and positive.  Even though you are enjoying the water, it may be extremely hot outside. Too much sun and too much heat is extremely unhealthy for your dog.  Remember to have a lot of cool, fresh drinking water available for your dog constantly.  Also, remember to bring a towel to dry your dog after the swim.  This is so important, especially if you go into a cooler temperature or air conditioning immediately after.  Just think about how you feel after a bath or shower if you didn’t dry off – it’s cold!

Most importantly, have fun and reward your dog with constant praises and kisses to let them know that this new experience is a positive one that they will eventually really love.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

DOGZAR Reviews . . . VPI – Veterinary Pet Insurance

VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance
VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance

First, I’d like to start with a little background about both our dogs.  Rocco Jet is a nine year old Toy Rat Terrier that we rescued as a puppy from a puppy mill.  Rocco has had many medical problems ranging from MPL – luxating patella and a spinal cord injury to congenital heart disease.  Bruce Lee is a 4 year old Corgihuahua, he was found wandering the streets of Miami alone, hungry and left to die until the Humane Society of Greater Miami rescued him.  We adopted Bruce Lee when he was 4 months old.  Bruce Lee has had several of his own battles with health problems from malnutrition from being abandoned with little or no food, a fractured bone when he jumped off my bed during his first week at his new forever home, to a herniated disc that almost left his back legs paralyzed.  Thinking of all the health issues that we have lived through and all the stress that comes from a family member hurting or being sick, I’m the most grateful that during these difficult times, I never had to worry once about either or our canine son’s not having VPI pet insurance.  The same comforting feeling you have as a human to have health insurance, it’s the same feeling we have for our dogs.  The reassurance that there is financial help when you are in a crisis is priceless.

VPI makes it so simple; you just pick the plan that best works for you and your done.  Both our dogs have always been covered by VPI major medical plan.  VPI Pet Insurance created the pet insurance industry in the US in 1982.  VPI Pet Insurance offers zero co-pay and the best reimbursement stats of any other pet insurance policy on the market.  With 29 years of experience and excellence in the pet insurance industry I wouldn’t trust my dogs insurance to anyone else.

As I mentioned, both of our boy’s have had their fair share of medical problems, with every doctors appointment and every hospital stay, VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance has always been right there with us.  I asked the question, “Should your dog have health insurance?”  My answer is 100% YES.

Veterinary Pet Insurance
P.O. Box 2344
Brea, CA 92822-2344

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

DOGZAR Reviews . . . Pet Pee Pee

Pet Pee Pee
Naturally Blended Dead Sea Minerals

The Good: All Natural, organic, completely odor free, multi-surface, pet friendly (safe for animals), easy, permanent.

The Bad: Only sold at some Dog Boutiques, Cleaning Supply Stores and online at the Pet Pee Pee website.  Not sold at the big superstores  . . . yet.

The Review: In order to do this review, we needed to wait until one of our dogs made a “mistake”.  Our dogs are pretty good about not peeing on our carpet, but after a few weeks, little Rocco Jet made a mistake.  Hey, accidents happen.  We were so excited to use the Pet Pee Pee finally.  We followed the instructions exactly.  Shake well, saturate area, let sit for 3 minutes, absorb excess moisture with paper towel and allow to dry 100%.  It felt strange not scrubbing the area (the instructions said not to scrub, just apply pressure).  Immediately after following the instructions, while it was wet, I smelled the area and I didn’t think that it worked.  I removed all of the pee, but I felt like I still smelled pee pee.  So I waited for it to dry 100%.  The next day, I did a sniff test to the area, it was 100% dry and I smelled absolutely nothing. No smell, no pee pee, no cleaner, nothing.  It was wonderful.

Since the initial first test, I have been using the product repeatedly on a couple more “mistakes” and it continues to work perfectly.  I have the 32 oz. size bottle and I have used it several times and I have only used a quarter of the bottle.  I would definitely recommend this product to clean up pee pee stains and smells.  I love the fact that it is colorless and odorless. the other products changed the color of my carpet and didn’t actually remove the smell.  This does both,  removes the smell and doesn’t alter the color of whatever you use it on.  Thank you Pet Pee Pee for creating such a wonderful, safe and effective product.

Pet Pee Pee
1442 SW 12th Ave.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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Siegel TLC Animal Clinic, Dr. Mieke Baks, North Miami, Florida

Siegel TLC Animal Clinic
Siegel TLC Animal Clinic, North Miami, Florida

Siegel TLC Animal Clinic located in North Miami, Florida is an excellent establishment that you can trust.  We started going to Siegel TLC before Dr. Siegel retired.  When we find a doctor that we trust with our dogs, we are fans for life and never go elsewhere unless we move or need to seek treatments from veterinary specialists.  So when Dr. Siegel informed us that he was retiring we were deeply saddened and worried how we were going to find another great doctor to care for our dogs medical needs.  Luckily, Dr. Siegel answered our prayers and found an angel – a woman that truly cares for the well being of all animals, with compassion and heart, with the medical intelligence that is summed up in one word  . . . genius, he found Dr. Mieke Baks to take over the veterinary practice.   Dr. Baks has been treating our dogs for several years now and we completely trust her.  She treats our dogs medical needs and helps us emotionally when we get stressed about our dogs (my sister and I have a tendency to panic, over react and freak out over the smallest non-issues).  She calms us down with her kind demeanor and knowledge about everything.  She has never over charged, over treated or made us ever feel like we paid too much or that our dogs were not completely in safe hands.

The entire office is phenomenal – Donna at the front desk is always extremely friendly, greets you with a smile and is always immediately there for your needs.  Chris, the veterinary technician is always there to help the doctor during examinations and is kind and gentle.  Our dogs, like most dogs, have the ability to know “good people” and they love everyone at Siegel TLC.  What I love also about the clinic is that almost everyone has been there for several years, this is a team you can trust and your dogs will love.

Siegel-TLC Animal Clinic is a well established, full service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. The facility includes a well stocked pharmacy, in hospital surgery suite, in house x ray capabilities, a closely supervised hospitalization area and indoor boarding kennels with outdoor walking areas.

Siegel TLC Animal Clinic
12870 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami, Florida (FL) 33181
DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!