DOGZAR Reviews . . . No More Slymees


No More Slymees
YoMo Essentials ~ No More Slymees (Organic Dog Bowl Cleaner)

The Good: Organic, no detergents or chemicals, earth friendly, easy to use, simple easy spray bottle and contains only all natural ingredients.

The Bad: Only sold online at YoMo Essentials and at select Dog Boutiques in South Florida and New York.

The Review: This was an easy product to review because we clean our dog’s bowls after every meal. I found that in order to get my dogs bowl really clean, I had to scrub like crazy to remove the thick slyme that forms from my dogs saliva.  It has been a challenge to say the least.

I always try to avoid all harsh chemicals and only purchase all natural cleansers to use in my home, especially on products for my dogs.  When I learned about No More Slymees, I was so excited to use a product that is not only organic and all natural, but will make my job easier!  My first reaction was to wash the bowls first then use No More Slymees. After I pushed myself not to clean their dirty bowls by traditional methods, I followed the instructions for No More Slymees exactly.

Shake well,
Spray over the entire surface,
Wipe and rinse.

Just a few simple steps and the organic essentials oils are eating away the bacteria and my dogs bowl’s are clean and free of any harmful ingredients. Because our little dog Rocco Jet has so many medical issues he eats every couple of hours. What is awesome about No More Slymees is the easy clean up when we feed Rocco Jet on the road or away from home. This product is the perfect clean up for when you are in the car at a hotel or don’t have a sink or water available. I’m extremely excited about this product. I haven’t heard or seen anything else like this on the market. I highly recommend No More Slymees. You will be amazed how well it works.

YoMo Essentials

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Bo Regards – Fire Safety Plaques

Bo Regards
Bo Regards ~ Decorative Fire Safety Plaque in Burnished Nickel

Fire safety and fire awareness is an extremely important issue that is often overlooked.  In the event of a fire or emergency situation and when only seconds count, it is imperative to provide life saving information to the men and women firefighters and rescue workers that are risking their lives to save ours.  DOGZAR truly believes that our dogs are our family and so does Bo Regards.  That is why owners, Mark and Debbi Rath and Else Cunningham decided to provide visual aids to alert emergency personnel to the presence of your pet in your home.

Bo Regards, Inc. is a family corporation, Mark and Debbi Rath’s sons, Jason and Jeremy, are both firefighters.  They noticed that most homes, condominiums and apartments do not post or provide any information as to the presence of pets.  If a firefighter is aware immediately of how many pets are in the home, they will rescue them too.  Most fire trucks are not equipped with life saving pet rescue oxygen masks.  I am sure you may have seen video footage of a firefighter trying to use an oxygen mask designed for people on an animal, unfortunately these masks are not designed for animals so the effectiveness of the mask is diminished considerably.  In an effort to solve this problem, Bo Regards very generously uses a percentage of their profits to donate these pet rescue oxygen masks to stations that are not equipped.

Bo Regards
Bo Regards ~ New to the market . . . Fire Truck Chrome

These beautiful and very decorative plaques come in several different finishes to choose from: Burnished Nickel, Burnished Brass, Burnished Copper and new to the market Fire Truck Chrome.  The plaque is 8.5″ x 8.5″, lightweight and durable, made of highly durable ABS Resin that has been electroplated, antiqued and finished with a clear lacquer protective coating (this is the same technique used in automotive, plumbing and aeronautical industries for many years).  Best of all, Bo Regards products are made in the USA.   The plaques are $34.95, you can also purchase reflective window stickers for an additional $5.00 each.  All items can be purchased on the Bo Regards website:

DOGZAR is a huge fan of Bo Regards, we just love the owners. They are genuine, honest and extremely kind people that have designed a unique and innovative product that will help save the lives of our dogs.  Support this small business today by purchasing a decorative plaque for your home and your family and friends homes . . . your sale will help fire stations in need of pet rescue oxygen masks and will give your dog its’ best chance to survive an emergency.

Bo Regards, Inc.

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Pet Pee Pee

Pet Pee Pee
Naturally Blended Dead Sea Minerals

The Good: All Natural, organic, completely odor free, multi-surface, pet friendly (safe for animals), easy, permanent.

The Bad: Only sold at some Dog Boutiques, Cleaning Supply Stores and online at the Pet Pee Pee website.  Not sold at the big superstores  . . . yet.

The Review: In order to do this review, we needed to wait until one of our dogs made a “mistake”.  Our dogs are pretty good about not peeing on our carpet, but after a few weeks, little Rocco Jet made a mistake.  Hey, accidents happen.  We were so excited to use the Pet Pee Pee finally.  We followed the instructions exactly.  Shake well, saturate area, let sit for 3 minutes, absorb excess moisture with paper towel and allow to dry 100%.  It felt strange not scrubbing the area (the instructions said not to scrub, just apply pressure).  Immediately after following the instructions, while it was wet, I smelled the area and I didn’t think that it worked.  I removed all of the pee, but I felt like I still smelled pee pee.  So I waited for it to dry 100%.  The next day, I did a sniff test to the area, it was 100% dry and I smelled absolutely nothing. No smell, no pee pee, no cleaner, nothing.  It was wonderful.

Since the initial first test, I have been using the product repeatedly on a couple more “mistakes” and it continues to work perfectly.  I have the 32 oz. size bottle and I have used it several times and I have only used a quarter of the bottle.  I would definitely recommend this product to clean up pee pee stains and smells.  I love the fact that it is colorless and odorless. the other products changed the color of my carpet and didn’t actually remove the smell.  This does both,  removes the smell and doesn’t alter the color of whatever you use it on.  Thank you Pet Pee Pee for creating such a wonderful, safe and effective product.

Pet Pee Pee
1442 SW 12th Ave.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Absorbz Pee Pee Pads

Absorbz Pee Pee Pads
Absorbz Pee Pee Pads

The Good: Excellent price, perfect size, heavy duty and very absorbent!

The Bad: Must have a Costco membership to purchase the pee pee pads for $14.99.  I LOVE Costco, I couldn’t imaging living without my membership, it’s one of my favorite places to shop! They also sell them online from two different websites, and, but the prices are higher and you must also pay shipping and handling.

The Review: I was purchasing pee pee pads for several years now for my little Rocco Jet because of his heart condition.  He is taking a diuretic that makes it so that he has to go pee pee more often than normal.  So pee pee pads are essential in our household.  I was investing a small fortune on these pads when I was purchasing them from grocery stores and pet stores.  Rocco is very particular when using his pee pee pads, he refuses to use the pads if they have more than a couple pee pee’s  on them and will simply just pee next to the pee pee pad to avoid walking ANYWHERE near a previous pee.  When I found Absorbz at Costco I was ecstatic.   At Costco you get 100 pads for ONLY $14.99.  If you compare this price with pee pee pads ANYWHERE else, I guarantee this is the best price you will find.

In my opinion it is VERY important to potty train your dog using pee pee pads, because in the future they are extremely helpful during medical situations, like Rocco Jet’s and also during times when going outdoors to walk your dog is impossible, such as during hurricanes.

Potty Training Tip: The easiest way to potty train your puppy is to ALWAYS take your puppy to the pee-pee pad, like every hour or two and say, “Go Potty”.  In the beginning your dog will just look at you like you’re crazy.  Then when your dog makes a mistake and pee’s somewhere other than the pee-pee pad, simply use the pad as a towel and soak up the pee, then put that same pee-pee pad and put it back in the area you want your dog to go to the bathroom.  NEVER scold or yell at your dog when they make a mistake – they don’t understand why you’re angry and this will only scare your puppy.  Continue to take your puppy to the pee-pee pad and continue to say, “Go Potty”.  Your dog will now smell the pee on the pad and start to put 2 and 2 together.  Always take your puppy to the pee pee pad after naps and feedings.  Once your puppy starts to pee on the pad, always give big praises (maybe even a tiny piece of a treat) to reward him or her!

I would recommend all Costco members to purchase these pee pee pads.  Your dogs will love them and so will your wallet!

Absorbz Pee Pee Pads
Absorbz Pee Pee Pads - Rocco Jet uses them.

Absorbz Everyday Convenience Pads
by Globalinx Pet, LLC.
Newport Beach, California 92660

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