DOGZAR Reviews . . . Ecowelldog

EcowelldogThe Good:  Made in the USA, Eco friendly, cruelty free, all natural and herbal.  All herbs are ethically and organically grown and all bottles are made with recycled plastic. Manufactured in FDA approved laboratories and made with better than human grade ingredients. Ecowelldog products are designed for specific issues such as: itchy skin, dental solutions, eye and ear solutions, nervous dog solutions, older dog solutions, puppy solutions, outdoor dogs solutions and some products are made specifically for small and large size dogs.

The Bad: There is such a huge selection of products to choose from, it may get a little overwhelming, but Ecowelldog has created an easy solution.  On the website, they have a button you can click labeled, “Not sure what to order?”.  Just click on this button and it directs you to a page with six problem-solution categories.  Problem solved!

The Review: Ecowelldog is a newly merged company that was formed when Cain & Able and Happytails joined forces in 2011.  Ecowelldog now consists of five brands of high quality, all natural, eco-focused problem solving grooming and wellness products for dogs.

Sample of some of Ecowelldog's Product Line

The five brands are:

Cain & Able – Bath products and Spa Accessories
Happytails – Problem Solution Products
Kiss Able – All Natural Doggie Dental Items
Dirty & Hairy – For the Outdoor Dog
Dogmaceuticals – All Natural Line of Canine Cosmeceuticals

DOGZAR was able to review several of these products such as:

Flea the Scene a 3-in-1 spray which acts as an insect repellent, gentle emollient to sooth itchy skin and a UV protector with all natural sunscreen.

Itchin’ for Relief an all natural blend of ingredients designed with a unique “nozzler” that delivers exact application to your dogs skin to provide immediate relief of itchy skin.

Kiss Able Dental Wipes made with aloe, baking soda, peppermint, fennel and pomegranate extract to keep your dogs teeth clean, free of bacteria and their breath fresh.

Kiss Able Probiotic Anti-Plaque Spray helps prevent bad breath, reduces tartar build up and contains over 14 strains of probiotics.

We were extremely pleased with all of the products we sampled and reviewed.  All products had very pleasant scents that obviously reflected all of the ingredients accurately and beautifully.  Our dog, Bruce Lee has very sensitive skin and occasionally itches due to allergies.  When we applied Itchin’ for Relief, we found that it soothed his skin and stopped his urge to itch.  Living in Florida under the blazing hot sun, we were so excited to learn that Flea the Scene also provide UV protection.  So we now always do a quick spritz on our dogs before they head outside to protect them from fleas and mosquitoes and to keep their skin safe from the sun.  Thank you Ecowelldog for joining forces and developing such an amazing line of problem solving grooming and wellness products for our canines.  Thank you also for being so socially and ethically responsible by being carbon-neutral, using recycled plastic, using organically grown herbs and making all of your products and components in the USA!

Phone 1-866-364-7720

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Products

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Products
Vet's Best Flea & Tick Products

The Good:  Made in the USA, affordable, all natural, made with safe, unique blend of peppermint and clove extracts, kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks, mosquitoes on contact!

The Bad: Vet’s Best is sold currently at only 6 stores nationwide, including Petco and The Vitamin Shoppe.  I found that when I called Petco, they didn’t have the complete line in stock, my recommendation would be to simply order online and have the products delivered right to your door.

The Review: We learned about Vet’s Best at the Global Pet Expo and had the opportunity to meet the representatives.  One thing we noticed at the Expo that out of the 900 vendor booths there were just a handful of booths that had all natural or organic products made in the USA.  We were ecstatic to learn more about all of the products from Vet’s Best.  We tested the Vet’s Best Flea & Tick product line which includes:

Flea & Tick Spray
Anti-Flea Easy Spray Shampoo
Flea & Tick Home Spray
Flea & Tick Yard and Kennel Spray

Our dogs, Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet, have been very lucky and haven’t had any real problems with fleas or ticks in the past.  We use Revolution, a monthly heartworm/flea & tick treatment combined with Perma-Guard and it has worked perfectly in the past at keeping the fleas and ticks at bay.  We recently relocated and moved into a new city and unfortunately found a FLEA on Bruce Lee! Luckily we had our Vet’s Best products. We grabbed the flea, put it in a ziplock bag and sprayed one small mist of the Flea & Tick Spray into the bag.  We tried this in the past with a flea, we put the flea in a bag and poured in a splash of rubbing alcohol and the flea would swim around for an hour then eventually die.  With Vet’s Best, the flea died in less than a minute!   The first thing you will immediately notice is the lovely fresh scent of peppermint oil and clove extracts.  We soaped up both Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet with the Spray Shampoo. We noticed a couple flea corpses floating in the soapy water.  The thought of any bug on my dogs is horrifying for me. I was so excited to see that this all natural, completely safe shampoo was working.

It is pointless if you remove the fleas from your dogs and do not remove the fleas from your house and surrounding environment.  So the next step is to wash all of the bedding, blankets, toys etc. Vacuum everything and immediately spray the Flea & Tick Home Spray all over EVERYTHING.  I found that you only need to spray a light mist and it works perfectly.  Don’t forget to immediately empty your vacuum outside.  I also sprayed the vacuum after I cleaned it just to make sure it killed any flea eggs that may have been trapped inside.  I also used the Yard & Kennel Spray all over my exterior courtyard and lawn. Which was very easy – when hooked up to the hose the spray misted a huge amount of product perfectly.  The lovely part of the Vet’s Best, is the incredible smell.  My yard, house and dogs all smelled like peppermint and cloves for days.

I continue to spray the Flea & Tick Spay on both of my dogs before they go outside a nighttime to protect them from mosquitoes and from any new fleas from jumping on them. The Vet’ Best Home Spray has become my favorite product.  If I could, I would wear it on a holster 24/7.  I am slightly horrified of spiders, and all bugs basically in general.  I sprayed the Home Spray on a gigantic spider on my courtyard and it curled up and died almost immediately!  In South Florida, we sometimes have these disgusting flying termites that take over at nighttime like a horror movie.  I, of course, sprayed the Home Spray on them and it stopped them in their tracks.  My courtyard was covered with thousands of little dead bugs.  It was great.

I absolutely LOVE this Vet’s Best Flea & Tick product line and you will too!  I cannot wait to try out more of all of the Vet’s Best products. Thank you Vet’s Best for providing us with an all natural, non toxic product that kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks and pretty much every other bug as well on contact!

Vet’s Best
Phone 1-800-272-6336

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Drymate Waterproof Bath Mats

Eco Friendly Drymate Waterproof Bath Mats
Bruce Lee enjoying a bath on the NO SLIP Eco friendly Drymate bath mat.

The Good:  Made in the USA and made from over 50% recycled fiber, a combination of post consumer and post industrial.  Protects dogs from slipping in the bath plus it drys quickly!

The Bad: Drymate has several products available for dogs that are available in select stores and online, to purchase the Bath Mats, currently they are only available online on the Drymate website.

The Review:  Drymate products are made in the USA and made from over 50% recycled fiber, a combination of post consumer and post industrial. The pet mats feature Zorb-Tech anti-flow absorbency technology (absorbent, yet waterproof). Soft, stain resistant, felt-like fabric is coated on one side with a clear, durable, special bonded backing that prevents “soak-thru” from above or below. All Drymate Waterproof Products are machine washable and dryable. Drymate has a full line of dog products to choose from . . .  place mats, kennel pads, cargo liner/seat protectors and whelping mats.

Drymate Bath Mat
Bruce Lee all soapy, sitting and enjoying his bath!

Drymate recently launched their collection of unique bathmats for your dogs, made out of the same material, keeping your dog safe and secure while bathing.  Most dogs are not very fond of bath time, it’s usually slightly stressful and causes most dogs some anxiety.  Drymate bath mat is extremely helpful in helping make your dog feel more secure and comfortable during the bath.  The soft felt like fabric is easy for your dog to walk on without any chance of slipping.  Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet both like to walk around the tub during a bath and the secure bath mat made this easy for them.  Both of my dogs have had surgeries in the past that make us constantly worry about an accidental “slip”.  Bruce Lee recently had back surgery to repair disc problems and we are still in recovery until his back strengthens.  During baths he is usually very nervous and trembles, but when using the Drymate bath mat, he walked around a little, then just sat comfortably and enjoyed the massage!  The only problem I found was that we were having such a great time that I filled the tub a little too much (to give him the full bath experience) and the mat started to float.  So my advice is to make sure not to put too much water in the tub.

Another exciting option for the Drymate mats is that you can personalize them.  Upload your dogs image or whatever image you would like. These are great gifts!

RPM, Inc.
c/o Drymate
6665 West Highway 13
Savage, MN 55378
Phone 800-872-8201
Fax 952-808-2277

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment

Dr. Rose's Remedies Spray and Salve

The Good: Human grade elements, 100% natural ingredients, steroid and gluten free with no artificial coloring or preservatives, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-scarring, cools and nourishes the skin, heals burns, lacerations, surgical incisions, heals hot spots, tick and insect bites, dermatitis, itchy skin, allergies and dry skin plus it’s made in the USA!

The Bad: Only sold in select boutique stores which are listed on the Dr. Rose’s Remedies website.  The Salve and Spray are also available online at several online retailers and distributors.

The Review:   We met Tony DiLeva, the CFO and representative for Dr. Rose’s Remedies at the Global Pet Expo 2012 in Orlando, Florida.  Tony was extremely knowledgeable and quickly educated us on the wide range of skin problems that animals suffer from and how Dr. Rose’s Remedies Salve and Spray has helped heal all of these animals ranging from horses, rabbits, cows rodents, cats and yes . . . dogs.  He provided us with pre and post photos to show the healing results and it was amazing.  A little background on Dr. Rose DiLeva, the Veterinarian that developed the skin treatment.  She is a conventionally educated veterinarian with extensive training in complementary and alternative modalities.  She completed post-graduate studies in Veterinary Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbology.

It’s strange the way things work out, my dogs never get fleas – ever, because we treat our  house with Perma Guard Diatomaceous Earth. But we recently moved and unfortunately, we noticed that Bruce Lee was itching.  When we checked his skin the first thing we noticed was red patches on his skin where he was itching – he was having an allergic reaction to the flea bites!  After a bath and blow dry, we treated his skin with Dr. Rose’s Remedies Salve, applying directly to the red patches.  The next day, we went to apply more of the salve and we couldn’t even find the red patches! So we just applied the salve to the general area.  It was like a miracle!

It got me thinking . . . if it helped Brucie so quickly and with such great results, maybe it can work on my skin.  I had a blemish on my skin and thought, what’s the worse thing that can happen?  So I applied a light amount of the salve to my face and crossed my fingers!  The next day . . . the healing process was in full force.  It worked!  Dr. Rose DiLeva is a genius!  Needless to say, even though this skin treatment was developed to treat veterinary medical conditions, I will be using it as well.  The ingredients are safe and effective, consisting simply of: calendula oil, soybean oil, bees wax, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera oil, grape seed oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and rosemary oil extract.

Thank you Dr. Rose for  developing a magical combination of all natural ingredients that help heal skin conditions, helping our dogs and even human skin feel better and look beautiful!

Dr. Rose’s Remedies
Tony DiLeva, CFO
286 Wilmington West Chester Pike
Chadds Ford Pa 19317
Office:610 558 4610
Fax:610 558 9190

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Terra Paws All Natural Pet Treats

Terra Paws
Terra Paws All Natural Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats

The Good: All natural, freeze dried, no fillers, no additives or preservatives, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no gluten or sugar, nothing artificial, all ingredients are produced to human grade standards in USDA certified facilities, all ingredients are USA sourced and based and operated in the USA, every batch is tested for coliform, salmonella and more, high in vitamins A, B and C also high in minerals and Retinol, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Thiamin and more, high in antioxidants, freeze drying retains all of the natural nutrients, enzymes and amino acids and very easy to break apart – DOGS LOVE THEM!

The Bad: Only sold in select boutique stores, but all products are available online at the Terra Paws website.

The Review:  We met Terra Paws at a pet expo a short while back and found the representatives to be very friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable about their natural pet treats and all of the health benefits associated with all of their products.  We tested Terra Paws freeze dried beef liver dog treats.  The first thing we noticed was that our taste testers, Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet, became crazy obsessed with the treats and started acting like police K9 search and rescue dogs. Let me explain, it was obvious right away that they immediately fell in love with the treats from the moment I opened the bag, they both started sniffing like crazy and couldn’t wait to start eating.  Once I gave them the treats, they couldn’t eat the treats fast enough, then after I sealed the bag and put the treats away, they both started sniffing and searching for the bag throughout the kitchen.  It actually got pretty intense, after we would distract them and bring them out of the kitchen, we would find Bruce Lee sitting and looking up at the cabinet with an intense stare – he used his keen animal senses to determine exactly which cabinet in the kitchen the Terra Paw treats were in and was just waiting for more!  Who knew I had such a detective in the family?! We finally had to put the Terra Paws bag in the refrigerator to keep the dogs from continuous searching and sniffing for the treats.  Needless to say – these are really great tasting treats and your dogs will absolutely LOVE them!

The Terra Paws treats are very versatile . . . you can simply give as a quick treat or place a treat in a small amount of water which makes them reconstitute and take on a whole new size and texture for a different experience or break apart and sprinkle on top of dog food for an extra pop of flavor and taste.  The treats are perfect for training, because you can easily break apart and give tiny little pieces for rewarding positive reinforcement without giving your dog a whole treat.  Its healthy and your dog will definitely be motivated during training!

We really love the fact that they make our dogs happy and that they are safe and healthy for them as well.  Rocco Jet is difficult to feed, he has such a tiny mouth and sometimes has a problem with treats and food being to large and difficult to eat.  The great thing about the Terra Paws treats is that they are easy to break apart and easy to chew.  Sometimes Rocco gets food or treats stuck in his back teeth in his gums and panics, but because of the Terra Paws texture, it’s not too soft – it’s not too crunchy, this has never happened.  Rocco just gobbles up the treat and begs for more.  I also love the fact that Terra Paws goes above and beyond to use human grade ingredients, produced in USDA certified facilities, sourced and manufactured in the USA, tests that the ingredients are safe and that they are all natural without any additives or preservatives.

Thank you Terra Paws for producing safe, healthy and delicious dog treats!

Terra Paws
150-A Dunbar Ave
Oldsmar, FL 34677
Phone: (727) 803-5035

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Premium Plus Skin and Coat by Doctors Foster & Smith


Doctors Foster and Smith Premium Plus Skin & Coat Omega Fatty Acid Supplement
Doctors Foster and Smith Premium Plus Skin & Coat Omega Fatty Acid Supplement

The Good:  Highly concentrated, contains a blend of essential linoleic acid (an Omega 6 fatty acid) plus Omega 3 fatty acids along with a blend of vitamins, zinc and antioxidant nutrients including Biotin for skin and coat health. Made in the USA.

The Bad:  Only sold online.

The Review:  I purchased Doctors Foster and Smith Premium Plus Skin & Coat Omega Fatty Acid Supplement several years ago.  I had purchased a very expensive comparable dietary supplement from my Veterinarian and I really liked the results, so I went on a search to find a similar product, only cheaper.  The reason I needed this supplement was because Rocco Jet had very dry skin and needed something to supplement his diet. His hair was brittle, itchy, he had dandruff and he seemed to be uncomfortable in his skin.  I noticed a difference after about a month of use.  Rocco Jets skin was definitely improving, less itchy and his hair was silky smooth.  It is very easy to use.  I use it once a day at dinner time, I spray one squirt of liquid into the food and Rocco Jet gobbles it right up!  Doctor Fosters and Smith offers three sizes to choose from: 12 oz./$14.99, 24 oz./$24.99 and 64 oz./$49.99.  These are all great prices compared to the Veterinary Clinic options, so any size is a good choice, but you can’t go wrong with the 64 oz. size.  With such an excellent price for such an excellent product – you will be happy you went with the largest size.

Doctors Foster and Smith
Item #36081
2253 Air Park Road
Rhinelander, WI 54501

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . No More Slymees


No More Slymees
YoMo Essentials ~ No More Slymees (Organic Dog Bowl Cleaner)

The Good: Organic, no detergents or chemicals, earth friendly, easy to use, simple easy spray bottle and contains only all natural ingredients.

The Bad: Only sold online at YoMo Essentials and at select Dog Boutiques in South Florida and New York.

The Review: This was an easy product to review because we clean our dog’s bowls after every meal. I found that in order to get my dogs bowl really clean, I had to scrub like crazy to remove the thick slyme that forms from my dogs saliva.  It has been a challenge to say the least.

I always try to avoid all harsh chemicals and only purchase all natural cleansers to use in my home, especially on products for my dogs.  When I learned about No More Slymees, I was so excited to use a product that is not only organic and all natural, but will make my job easier!  My first reaction was to wash the bowls first then use No More Slymees. After I pushed myself not to clean their dirty bowls by traditional methods, I followed the instructions for No More Slymees exactly.

Shake well,
Spray over the entire surface,
Wipe and rinse.

Just a few simple steps and the organic essentials oils are eating away the bacteria and my dogs bowl’s are clean and free of any harmful ingredients. Because our little dog Rocco Jet has so many medical issues he eats every couple of hours. What is awesome about No More Slymees is the easy clean up when we feed Rocco Jet on the road or away from home. This product is the perfect clean up for when you are in the car at a hotel or don’t have a sink or water available. I’m extremely excited about this product. I haven’t heard or seen anything else like this on the market. I highly recommend No More Slymees. You will be amazed how well it works.

YoMo Essentials

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . Bo Regards – Fire Safety Plaques

Bo Regards
Bo Regards ~ Decorative Fire Safety Plaque in Burnished Nickel

Fire safety and fire awareness is an extremely important issue that is often overlooked.  In the event of a fire or emergency situation and when only seconds count, it is imperative to provide life saving information to the men and women firefighters and rescue workers that are risking their lives to save ours.  DOGZAR truly believes that our dogs are our family and so does Bo Regards.  That is why owners, Mark and Debbi Rath and Else Cunningham decided to provide visual aids to alert emergency personnel to the presence of your pet in your home.

Bo Regards, Inc. is a family corporation, Mark and Debbi Rath’s sons, Jason and Jeremy, are both firefighters.  They noticed that most homes, condominiums and apartments do not post or provide any information as to the presence of pets.  If a firefighter is aware immediately of how many pets are in the home, they will rescue them too.  Most fire trucks are not equipped with life saving pet rescue oxygen masks.  I am sure you may have seen video footage of a firefighter trying to use an oxygen mask designed for people on an animal, unfortunately these masks are not designed for animals so the effectiveness of the mask is diminished considerably.  In an effort to solve this problem, Bo Regards very generously uses a percentage of their profits to donate these pet rescue oxygen masks to stations that are not equipped.

Bo Regards
Bo Regards ~ New to the market . . . Fire Truck Chrome

These beautiful and very decorative plaques come in several different finishes to choose from: Burnished Nickel, Burnished Brass, Burnished Copper and new to the market Fire Truck Chrome.  The plaque is 8.5″ x 8.5″, lightweight and durable, made of highly durable ABS Resin that has been electroplated, antiqued and finished with a clear lacquer protective coating (this is the same technique used in automotive, plumbing and aeronautical industries for many years).  Best of all, Bo Regards products are made in the USA.   The plaques are $34.95, you can also purchase reflective window stickers for an additional $5.00 each.  All items can be purchased on the Bo Regards website:

DOGZAR is a huge fan of Bo Regards, we just love the owners. They are genuine, honest and extremely kind people that have designed a unique and innovative product that will help save the lives of our dogs.  Support this small business today by purchasing a decorative plaque for your home and your family and friends homes . . . your sale will help fire stations in need of pet rescue oxygen masks and will give your dog its’ best chance to survive an emergency.

Bo Regards, Inc.

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula, Nutritional Supplement


ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula
ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula - Nutritional Supplement

The Good:  Highly concentrated, palatable blend of nutrients, unique protein blend, patented ingredients assist in the development of a strong immune system, healthy digestive tract and normal joint function. Supports a healthy weight, brain health, skin and coat, immune health, performance, cellular protection, eye health, digestive health, heart health and joint health.  Excellent for puppies, adult and senior dogs. Made in the USA.

The Bad:  Very hard to find and purchase.  Available at select Veterinary clinics at a premium price and also available online at veterinary supply companies at discounted prices.

The Review:  I purchased ProBalance from my Veterinarian about seven years ago for Rocco Jet and we have been using it every day ever since.  The reason we started using it was because Rocco had very dry skin and needed something to supplement his diet.  Once a day, I add one small scoop (approx. 1 teaspoon) to each of my dogs’ food.  I noticed that after about a month, his skin and coat both improved, his coat was smooth and shiny and his skin was improving.  Both of my dogs absolutely LOVE their ProBalance.  I add one teaspoon of water to the powder to create delicious gravy.  As soon as they hear me opening the ProBalance container, they both come running into the kitchen for their yummy treat.

Rocco Jet has had two MPL (luxating Patella) surgeries (due to trauma) and has also been battling a heart murmer and a leaky valve.  He is a healthy weight and his legs both function better than brand new (we call him our little bionic dog, he runs so fast that we named him Rocco JET).  Plus, he has lived well past the timeline our cardiologist gave Rocco.  Both of my dogs are extremely intelligent, people are always noticing and commenting on how extremely smart both Rocco Jet and Bruce Lee are.  I don’t know if it’s because they take this daily dietary supplement, or if it just because they are blessed, but they both love ProBalance and I have only witnessed positive results.  I would recommend this product for your dogs and also recommend purchasing online from a reputable veterinary supply company because the cost is significantly lower.

ProBalance – Canine Wellness Formula – Nutritional Supplement
AVN Global Sciences, Inc.
P.O. Box 2486
Temecula, CA 92593

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DOGZAR Reviews . . . VPI – Veterinary Pet Insurance

VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance
VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance

First, I’d like to start with a little background about both our dogs.  Rocco Jet is a nine year old Toy Rat Terrier that we rescued as a puppy from a puppy mill.  Rocco has had many medical problems ranging from MPL – luxating patella and a spinal cord injury to congenital heart disease.  Bruce Lee is a 4 year old Corgihuahua, he was found wandering the streets of Miami alone, hungry and left to die until the Humane Society of Greater Miami rescued him.  We adopted Bruce Lee when he was 4 months old.  Bruce Lee has had several of his own battles with health problems from malnutrition from being abandoned with little or no food, a fractured bone when he jumped off my bed during his first week at his new forever home, to a herniated disc that almost left his back legs paralyzed.  Thinking of all the health issues that we have lived through and all the stress that comes from a family member hurting or being sick, I’m the most grateful that during these difficult times, I never had to worry once about either or our canine son’s not having VPI pet insurance.  The same comforting feeling you have as a human to have health insurance, it’s the same feeling we have for our dogs.  The reassurance that there is financial help when you are in a crisis is priceless.

VPI makes it so simple; you just pick the plan that best works for you and your done.  Both our dogs have always been covered by VPI major medical plan.  VPI Pet Insurance created the pet insurance industry in the US in 1982.  VPI Pet Insurance offers zero co-pay and the best reimbursement stats of any other pet insurance policy on the market.  With 29 years of experience and excellence in the pet insurance industry I wouldn’t trust my dogs insurance to anyone else.

As I mentioned, both of our boy’s have had their fair share of medical problems, with every doctors appointment and every hospital stay, VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance has always been right there with us.  I asked the question, “Should your dog have health insurance?”  My answer is 100% YES.

Veterinary Pet Insurance
P.O. Box 2344
Brea, CA 92822-2344

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