Happy Mother’s Day to all our Dog Mom’s

Rocco Jet. My Dog is My Family - DOGZAR.com

Thank you for holding me when I am scared, cuddling with me when I am cold, feeding me when I am hungry, playing with me when I want to have fun, taking care of me when I’m sick, massaging me when I want to relax, protecting me from harm and for loving me when I need love. Thank you for giving me a family.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you Dog Mom’s for everything you do.

My Dog is My Family ~ DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!


Earth Day 2012 Resolutions . . .

Earth Day 2012
Celebrate Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd. LOVE EARTH ~ SAVE EARTH!

Earth Day 2012 is this Sunday, April 22nd.  All of us at DOGZAR are very excited to celebrate Earth Day with our dogs by doing something special that shows that we LOVE EARTH and are making efforts everyday to SAVE EARTH.  Make some resolutions that start this weekend and will continue on throughout the year.

1.  Buy and use ONLY biodegradable poop waste bags.

2. Purchase products or services that are manufactured by green companies that ONLY use Eco Friendly practices and use ONLY sustainable materials for their products.

3. Donate gently used dog toys, blankets, beds, leashes to local shelters or to people that are in need and cannot afford to purchase brand new items for their dogs.

4.  Every Earth Day plant a tree with your dog.  Before you know it, there will be big, beautiful trees all over town (and wonderful memories with you and your dog)!

5.  Stop using bottled water and purchase a water filtration system to provide your dog with clean, fresh drinking water.

6.  Replace ALL of your old conventional light bulbs (and fluorescent bulbs) throughout your home and office with LED bulbs which do not contain any toxic mercury chemicals, are more energy efficient and helps you save money.

7.  When walking with your dog on the street, at the park, at the beach . . . if you see garbage . . . pick it up and throw it away!

8.  Recycle ALL or your waste.  If your community has recycling available utilize it!  Some communities are now even offering a financial benefit by using their recycling program – yes, recycle and receive money!

9.  Make this weekend pee pee pad free.  Instead, take your dog outside – enjoy each others company and shrink the landfills!

10.  Unfortunately at this time, smoking cigarettes is legal and a personal choice.  If your dog had a voice, they would BEG you to stop smoking.  Second-hand and third-hand smoke kills dogs too, not just people!  So please – save your lungs, your dogs lungs and the environment and stop smoking on Earth Day.



Is Florida Dog Friendly?

Is Florida Dog Friendly?
Is Florida Dog Friendly?

Is Florida Dog Friendly?

I have lived in Florida now for about 10 years and have always been hoping that we would be able to find the perfect city to live in that is completely dog friendly.  I have lived in Daytona Beach, Palm Beach, Naples and Miami and still have not felt that my dog is welcome or at home yet.

To start with, there are very few Florida beaches to take your dog to – and those beaches have MAJOR restrictions like the beach is only open for dogs on certain days and only at certain times during those days, dog owners must pay additional fees to enter the beach, which to me is discrimination.  Aren’t all beaches in Florida, public? Usually, we all pay to park our cars, but then the beach access is free.  Why do only dog owners have to pay extra?  Where is this money going and to whom?  People shouldn’t have to search high and low and drive long distances to find a dog friendly beach.

Regarding restaurants, there are still several Florida restaurants that will not allow my dog to sit outside in their outdoor patios.  This really confuses me, why will they allow squirrels, birds, ants, geckos and every other animal to enjoy their patios except my dog?  I actually prefer sitting inside anyways, because the cigarette smokers ruin any chance at actually enjoying my experience “outdoors” anyways.  I absolutely love the idea of sitting outdoors to enjoy the beach atmosphere, ocean breezes, etc. but unfortunately the second-hand smoke invading my lungs I do not love, neither do my dogs.  There are just a handful of Florida restaurants that will allow you to actually bring your dog inside.   There are a few, and when we find them, we will post them on DOGZAR.com.

Don’t even talk to me about Florida condominium living and dogs.  The way I see it, usually a home or a condo is one of the largest investments a person will ever make in a lifetime.  Most of us only have one or two dogs and the reality is they live as our family members, in our homes (and in most cases, in our beds too).   Dogs have been a huge part of all stages throughout my life.  I have had dogs since I was a baby, throughout my childhood and adulthood and I’m sure I will have dogs when I am a senior citizen.  For the elderly, dogs not only bring unconditional love and constant companionship, they are a healthy lifestyle choice as well.  It gets people out and about, with daily walks and socializations.  Unfortunately, there are very few condominiums that allow dogs!  To me this is crazy, these are our family members.  And for those condos that allow dogs, they have MAJOR restrictions like only one dog, weight under 15 pounds, dogs not allowed to walk on the floors they must be carried and dogs not allowed in any common areas!  Why is it that ultra luxurious hotels like Loews, the Four Seasons and Kimpton allow dogs of all sizes to enjoy their hotels, but in condos – our actual homes, they will not?

Florida needs to move forward and accept the fact that most households have dogs, they are family members and we spend a fortune on keeping our dogs safe, healthy and happy.   Even during our current financial crisis in the world, the amount of money we spend on our dogs has not been affected, it has actually increased.  Restaurants need to open their doors to our dogs, they need to make ALL our beaches dog friendly without additional costs to dog owners and condominium associations need to change their rules on dogs and make all condos dog friendly.   If most households have dogs and Florida doesn’t become more dog friendly, what is keeping people from finding somewhere else to live?  We have investigated several cities throughout Florida and our search will continue.

DOGZAR is excited to begin our search for the world’s most dog friendly places to live.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

DOGS, The Goodness of God

Goodness of God
DOGS, the Goodness of God

Life brings us so many ups and downs, especially nowadays.  Sometimes it seems like our only salvation is our little furry gifts from GOD.  When I need to be reminded of the Goodness of God, all I need to do is look at my little Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet.  All animals, especially dogs, are precious gifts from Heaven put on this earth to educate and remind us about Faith and unconditional Love.  When I kiss those little fuzzy faces, they remind me that there is unmeasurable joy, love and happiness that surrounds us.

Because of my dogs, I see the Goodness of  God all around me in all of the little things.  Their unconditional love, opens my eyes everyday to the blessings in my life.

“Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, Thank You for the gift you have given us, Thank You for blessing us with DOGS.”

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

Toxic People . . .

Too much Love?
How can you not just fall in love with that little face?

I went out the other night with someone who told me that I give my dogs too much attention. This same person went on to tell me that all the things wrong with me stem from my obsession and tremendous love and affection I have for my dogs. I don’t know if anyone else has ever experienced this type of “constructive criticism” from your friends, but personally I found these comments extremely offensive and ridiculous.

My dog is going through heart disease and has an unknown amount of time left with me, what am I supposed to do? Show my dog tough love? Let him sleep in the streets? NO, he’s my little angel baby and I am going to make his life as comfortable as possible and give him whatever he wants to keep him happy through this hard time. And you know what, even if my dog wasn’t going through any medical emergencies, I would treat him exactly the same. I don’t know what it is about some people, usually they are not dog parents and they seem to be extremely bothered by the bond that us dog parents have with our dogs. I would never tell someone that has a human child that they give their children too much attention. What is that? I can’t help it that I am a person that has a big heart and a lot of LOVE to give. And you know what, when I have my human child someday, I probably will get the same “constructive criticism” telling me I love my baby too much.

I try really hard to avoid negativity and to me, these people are toxic.  If anyone else out there experiences this type of “constructive criticism” from your friends, just ignore it and know -you are an amazing person that has the ability to love . . .  to show love, give love and to receive love.  I guarantee the person who said those negative things to you, can’t say the same.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

Celebrating Your Shelter Dog’s Birthday

Celebrating Your Shelter Dogs Birthday
Bruce Lee's Birthday is April 23rd, he is extremely helpful, clever and beautiful.

So you searched and found your new furry family member and adopted a shelter dog, congratulations!  Depending upon the shelter or rescue organization that you adopted your dog from, they may or may not have had accurate or sufficient information to provide you an original date of birth.

My adopted shelter dog, Bruce Lee was found walking the streets alone as a tiny little puppy.  They were able to determine his approximate age by evaluating the amount of growth to his teeth at the time.  After conducting several other tests, they also provided us with the approximate date of birth of, April 23, 2007.   You can use the date that the shelter provides you as your dogs birthday, or you can use the date that you adopted your dog and brought your new dog home.  Everyone has a homecoming date for their new dog and that is such a special time that can be cherished and celebrated every single year!

Another fun and interesting way to determine your dogs birthday is to go by your dogs personality traits.  Pick the one is MOST like your dog to determine your dogs birthstone and birth month . . .

January – Garnet – Ambitious, powerful, leader, stubborn, loyal, attention seeker, curious, deep thinker.

February – Amethyst – Witty, intelligent, outgoing, peaceful, faithful, sensitive, driven.

March – Aquamarine – Cheerful, affectionate, quirky with a fun sense of humor, kind, dreamer.

April – Diamond – Diplomatic, helpful, adventurous, active, restless, emotional, clever, beautiful.

May – Emerald – Joyful, independent, secretive, intelligent, quick tempered, active, adapts well to new situations.

June – Pearl or Alexandrite – Foresighted, worrier, talkative, friendly, stylish, polite, sensitive.

July – Ruby – Enthusiastic, unpredictable, dedicated, hard worker, sharp minded, deep thinker, quiet.

August– Peridot – Brave, daring, jealous, quick tempered, strong character, observant, creative, faithful, generous.

September – Sapphire – Wise, humble, inspiring, cool in difficult situations, loves to travel, knowledgeable, industrious, friendly, helpful, loyal, fun, confident.

October – Opal or Tourmaline – Clairvoyant, leader, amiable, rebellious, clever, faithful, dedicate, emotional, honest.

November – Citrine or Yellow Topaz – Patient, tolerant, compassionate, witty, inquisitive, faithful, intelligent, active.

December – Turquoise or Zircon – Funny, cheerful, vibrant, impatient, trustworthy, dynamic, loved to be praised, outgoing, independent.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

If Your Dogs Could Talk

If My Dog Could Talk
What would their voices sound like?

I just seen the preview for the new Spy Kids 4 movie with Ricky Gervais as the voice of a robot spy dog named Argonaut.  The dog is quirky and funny with a strong British accent.  The movie looks like it will, of course, be a must see.  Then I started to think about the dog on the television show Family Guy.  Brian Griffin is the dog, a struggling alcoholic writer, has the voice of a swarthy older sarcastic gentleman.  I look at my two little dogs, Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet and I wonder, if my dogs could talk, what would their voices sound like.

Bruce Lee is four years old and the life of the party!  He is an extremely relaxed dog, that loves people and loves to be touched, it’s all about the massages for Brucie.  When he is with his dog friends he loves to practice his Kung Fu.  Even though he is usually very cool, confident and collected, when he practices his Kung Fu, he becomes very agile and quick on his paws.  His is also part Corgi, so he becomes very serious and focused on walks constantly searching for the next thing to herd. His voice would probably sound to me most like Jack Black or Will Smith.

Rocco is nine years old and very regal.  He is extremely motivated by food and absolutely loves to cruise around in his fancy stroller.  He is also very focused on his walks, because he is searching intensely for fish along the dock. He is not a huge fan of other dogs, simply because he considers himself human.  His voice would probably sound like Alec Baldwin or Gerard Butler.

What about your dogs?


DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

If I Could Turn Back Time . . .

If I Could Turn Back Time
Dogs are only puppies for a very brief amount of time.

If I could turn back time . . . I would take a million more photos of my dogs as puppies.  Dogs are only puppies for a very brief amount of time.  When you bring home your new puppy, there is so much happening, let’s admit it, it’s very difficult and extremely exhausting.  Learning to communicate with the puppy, making sure they are comfortable, happy and safe.  Your are teaching your puppy potty training, teaching them what they are allowed to chew on (and what not to chew on), teaching them how to walk with a leash, their first baths, brushing their teeth for the first time, clipping their nails for the first time, etc.  Puppies can keep you up at all hours of the night and most of the time during this process you are basically a walking zombie.  The next thing you know, your puppy is now a little dog.

I look back on my puppy photos and I am so disappointed that there are so few.  I really wish I could turn back time and take more photos.  Unfortunately dogs don’t have the same life timeline as humans and every second that we have with our dogs are extremely precious.  I, of course, have tons of photos of my dogs, but I wish I would have spent more time photographing and recording their brief moments as puppies.  Their little fuzzy faces, their big paws and ears they have yet to grow into, their short stubby bodies, these adorable times when they are beginning to develop into little dogs.  I know for a fact that humans go through the same thing with new human babies.  My older sister, for instance, has a million photos of her as a baby, and me well, I have ONE, someone is standing across the room and took a photo of me in an incubator, in which you can see my tiny baby arm almost waving to the camera through the glass – but that’s it.  I think my family was overwhelmed with taking care of two small children at the same time, that the idea of stopping and taking some great baby photos was not in their thoughts (obviously).  I swore I would not do the same thing with my children, and yet I only have a few photos of my dogs as puppies.  I recommend, that anyone that decides on purchasing a dog, invest in a camera – BEFORE you pick up your new puppy.  I remember with Rocco Jet, we didn’t have a camera so a few days after we brought him home, we purchased a disposable camera so that we would have at least some photos.  Big mistake – those photos turned out horrible and fuzzy!  If you cannot afford to invest in a good quality camera, hire a professional photographer to capture some great shots for you.  Hiring a photographer for a few hours is actually cheaper than a lot of cameras, plus you get absolutely amazing photos!

Take the time during those first few months and take as many photos as humanly possible, have a friend or family member help.  It’s a lot easier when you have someone designated at the photographer that can capture the shots for you while you play with your puppy and help create those memorable photos you will have for a lifetime.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

Dogs in Condos

Dogs in Condos
My Dog is My Family . . .

I would like to know who started condominium and/or homeowner associations and why?  I understand that there needs to be basic rules in order to live harmoniously with one another, but isn’t that what your local government and police department are for,  to serve and protect?  Basic rules that all homeowners should abide by are maintaining a clean and manicured property, avoiding extremely loud music in the middle of the night, paying your mortgage and property taxes and the basic respect for thy neighbor.  If someone spends, several hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly millions on a HOME to live in, why should there be another home or condo owner telling what you can and cannot do?   Even the most ridiculous rules are being forced on homeowners usually by uneducated individuals that are unable to successfully manage their own lives.  Who started this and why?  I do believe that for multiple dwelling buildings, there should be a state licensed community association manager working for a insured and bonded state licensed property management company that will be held responsible for managing the buildings finances, property common areas, etc.  Last time I checked, we live in the land of the FREE, so why are so many home and condo owners being treated like they live in a prison, where there is absolutely no serenity or peace, only a life of constant battle?  It’s simple, because of these association board members that feel a  new rush of power, one that they never have had in their personal lives because of their usual pattern of personal failures.  How far will they go?  Have you even read some of these “rules” that have been adopted by your association board members?  Scroll through these rules sometime, are your rights as home or condo owners being ignored?  Here is the irony, are you forced to follow these rules and your association board is not? Do your board members do whatever they want?

I always say that I was raised by dogs.  Since I was a baby, dogs have been a huge part of my life.  My dog Pepper, a beautiful black Lab and my best friend when I was 7, taught me about unconditional love and parenting when I helped her through her pregnancy, birth and raising of her puppies.  She was truly a phenomenal mother to her puppies.  Each and every dog in my life has brought me unmeasurable joy and love and has helped me become a better person, more mature, more nurturing and more giving.  I do truly believe that all animals, especially dogs, are precious gifts from Heaven put on this earth to educate and remind us about Faith and unconditional Love.  Someone, telling me that I cannot have a dog in my life is ludicrous.  The majority of people that own dogs, have dogs in their lives because they feel the exact same way as me.  My Dog is My Family!  An association board telling me I cannot have a dog, is like telling me I cannot have a child.  Remember home and condo owners that live with an association board, MAJORITY RULES!  For everything, most people are fearful to voice their opinion, why?  This is your home, this is your family.  Let your voice be heard.

If you are having issues with having your dog in your condo, contact Citizens for Pets in Condos.  They assist in creating a Win Win situation for people and pets.  They help stop the condo wars on pets. They are able to provide you with information on health benefits and legal information.

DOGZAR ~ My Dog is My Family, Together We Rule the World.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

Is Your Dog Your Little Mini-Me?

Is Your Dog Your Little Mini-Me?

My little dog Rocco Jet is an exact mirror of me, we share the same personality traits.  We thought this was just a coincidence but when we adopted little Bruce Lee, he ended sharing the exact same personality traits as my sister, Andrea.  I’m not sure if this is because during Rocco’s early years, I was his main care giver and trainer, and during Bruce Lee’s early years my sister was his main care giver.  I raised Rocco, and Andrea raised Brucie.  This may or may not be the reason, but either way it’s funny.  My sister and I, though we are best friends and business partners are the complete opposite in several ways and our dogs are our little Mini-me’s.

We are curious if this is common, is your dog your little Mini-Me?

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