Organic Grain Free Peanut Butter Dog Cookie

Grain Free Peanut Butter Dog Cookies

I switched my dogs food to completely grain free about a year ago and have found huge changes in their skin, coat and weight. Both of my dogs had itchy, flaky skin and even with oil supplements the itchy skin continued.  Switching them to grain free really helped and I started to see happier dogs.  The itching stopped, the flaky skin disappeared and their coats seemed even more soft and shiny than before.

Because their improvements were so amazing, I decided to go grain free too!  No more rice, corn, wheat, oatmeal, barley… etc. Now I bake with garbanzo, almond, soy, coconut and quinoa flours.  I’m a cookie person and I couldn’t imagine my life without a delicious cookie every once and a while.  Using the “new” flours actually made the cookies more delicious!  I found the exact same results when I switched to a grain free diet myself.  My skin became more luminous and youthful, no more breakouts, I had more energy, I felt more alert and alive.  It was amazing!

Since I love cookies and I know my dogs are foodies too, I wanted to provide them with a grain free dog cookie as well.  Both of my dogs LOVE peanut butter, so I altered my dog cookie recipe I previously posted to grain free.  **Some dogs, like humans have an allergy to peanuts, so before you give your dog peanut butter for the first time, let your dog smell the peanut butter first. If they have a peanut allergy, they will get a small reaction from the smell alone (itching, rash, runny nose, nausea). Check for these symptoms first before you let your dog eat peanut butter for the first time.

Organic Grain Free Peanut Butter Dog Cookies

3 cups organic garbanzo and fava bean flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
1/2 cup organic all natural peanut butter
1 cup water
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Preheat oven to 350° F. Combine oil, peanut butter and water. Add flour, one cup at a time, forming a dough. Knead dough into a firm ball and roll to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into pieces and place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes. Enjoy!!

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Pet Prescriptions Now Available at TARGET, PetRx


Target PetRx
Target PetRx

I have been purchasing my dogs prescriptions from Target for about a year now.  Rocco Jet has a heart condition which requires him to be on three different (very expensive) medications every day.  Luckily, two of them are actually human grade prescriptions and I am able to buy them through Targets $4 Generics Program, which is AWESOME!!  Unfortunately, one of the prescriptions, Vetmedin, is not human grade, it is solely for Veterinary use and I have to purchase this medication at my local Veterinary Clinic.

I was very happy to learn recently that Target is now stocking your dogs (and cats) prescriptions!!  Target’s PetRx is only available at select Target Pharmacies, so call ahead of time to find the location closest to you that is participating.  This means less driving all over town, less gas and less money, what could be better than that?  Plus, some of your dogs medications are also available with Targets $4 Generic Program.  So when you are turning in your dogs prescription to be filled, ask is your dogs medication comes in the generic equivalent.  I checked on Rocco’s Vetmedin to see how much of a savings I was going to get if I purchased from Target . . . unfortunately it is not one of the $4 Generic medications, but I will be saving $18 by purchasing the Vetmedin from Target, instead of from my local Veterinarian, which is huge!

I have seen a pretty impressive change lately, in grocery stores, department stores like Target and Walmart, wholesale clubs like Sam’s and Costco . . . . I have noticed the pet isles are getting bigger.  I don’t just see a small expansion like a few extra products added to the shelves, I see the isles are becoming departments, entire sections of stores!  Obviously we are all spending more and more of our hard earned dollars on our dogs and the retail giants have taken notice.  I am so pleased to see that they have finally realized that our dogs are our family by providing our furry family members with discounted medications and entire sections of stores.  Thank you Target!!

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Poisonous Palm Seeds, Beware of this Deadly Little Berry!


I have horribly sad news to report, Hugo a dachshund rescue adopt-a-dog passed away recently because he ate a tiny palm seed from a palm tree.  He needed several surgeries and was doing better in recovery, when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest.  We are all completely heartbroken.  I met Hugo at a pet expo this year and assisted the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida with taking some photos of Hugo and posting his adoption information on    Hugo was  a very sweet and loving little dog.

Palm Seeds
Palm Seeds in a Palm Tree

When I learned this information, I had no idea about palm seeds at all.  I have seen these little red berries on palm trees and scattered all around the ground and have walked passed them a million times before without even a thought.  We all go to such great lengths to protect our dogs from all the dangers lurking . . . frogs, toxic chemicals, toxic food, we buy life vests so when we take our dogs boating they are safe, we buy special gates to protect our dogs from falling through balconies and down stairs, we spend a fortune on vaccinations and routine veterinary exams to keep them healthy and a tiny red berry on the sidewalk can quickly end your dogs life, who knew?

My dogs are both extremely motivated by food.  We call Rocco Jet, “The Nibbler”, because all he wants to do is nibble all day.  Bruce Lee we call, “The Hoover”, because he is constantly searching the ground for particles of anything to eat.  Sometimes I think I should just put tiny muzzel’s on them to protect them  from eating things they find on the ground.  My biggest fear was that they would find someones discarded medication on the ground and eat that, now I am horrified of palm seeds.

Palm Seeds
Palm Seeds

After doing some research, if you suspect your dog has eaten a palm seed, the symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, liver failure and seizures.  Also, your dog can react from the toxins in two different ways, suffer immediate damage in 1 to 4 days of eating the berry or the chronic damage where your dog suffers liver damage in 1 to 3 months!  The only thing you can do is to seek immediate medical treatment from your Veterinarian.

I know in my heart that Hugo is now in Heaven and running around happy and healthy.  I hope that this tragedy will help other dogs from ever suffering from ingesting these tiny red berries.  Please protect your dogs from palm seeds. When walking your dog outside, keep your dog on a leash and walk far away from these seeds.

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Siegel TLC Animal Clinic, Dr. Mieke Baks, North Miami, Florida

Siegel TLC Animal Clinic
Siegel TLC Animal Clinic, North Miami, Florida

Siegel TLC Animal Clinic located in North Miami, Florida is an excellent establishment that you can trust.  We started going to Siegel TLC before Dr. Siegel retired.  When we find a doctor that we trust with our dogs, we are fans for life and never go elsewhere unless we move or need to seek treatments from veterinary specialists.  So when Dr. Siegel informed us that he was retiring we were deeply saddened and worried how we were going to find another great doctor to care for our dogs medical needs.  Luckily, Dr. Siegel answered our prayers and found an angel – a woman that truly cares for the well being of all animals, with compassion and heart, with the medical intelligence that is summed up in one word  . . . genius, he found Dr. Mieke Baks to take over the veterinary practice.   Dr. Baks has been treating our dogs for several years now and we completely trust her.  She treats our dogs medical needs and helps us emotionally when we get stressed about our dogs (my sister and I have a tendency to panic, over react and freak out over the smallest non-issues).  She calms us down with her kind demeanor and knowledge about everything.  She has never over charged, over treated or made us ever feel like we paid too much or that our dogs were not completely in safe hands.

The entire office is phenomenal – Donna at the front desk is always extremely friendly, greets you with a smile and is always immediately there for your needs.  Chris, the veterinary technician is always there to help the doctor during examinations and is kind and gentle.  Our dogs, like most dogs, have the ability to know “good people” and they love everyone at Siegel TLC.  What I love also about the clinic is that almost everyone has been there for several years, this is a team you can trust and your dogs will love.

Siegel-TLC Animal Clinic is a well established, full service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. The facility includes a well stocked pharmacy, in hospital surgery suite, in house x ray capabilities, a closely supervised hospitalization area and indoor boarding kennels with outdoor walking areas.

Siegel TLC Animal Clinic
12870 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami, Florida (FL) 33181
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Slippery Paws – Cover Your Marble, Ceramic and Hardwood Floors

Slippery tile floors are dangerous for your dog.
Slippery tile floors are dangerous for your dog.

Have you ever walked across the ice?  It’s slippery, cold, hard and very easy to quickly lose your footing.  This is how dogs feel when they walk across marble, granite, ceramic tile and hardwood floors.  Their paws have zero grip when it comes to these types of floors.  Impossible to walk on and dangerous when  they eventually slip and fall.   Veterinarians have told me that some dogs have hereditary joint problems also which only multiplies the problem.  Hip dysplasia, luxating patella and arthritis is common in dogs and walking on these types of floors is extremely difficult.  The risk of injury is high and probable and larger dogs have even a harder time.  Their center of gravity is higher so it is harder to balance and when they fall, they fall harder.

Bruce Lee LOVES his plush area rugs.
Bruce Lee LOVES his plush area rugs.


Buy area rugs and runners with rubber backing.  Our house has marble everywhere and even though we invested a fortune in this beautiful stone, we have covered 80% with beautiful, decorative, soft, fluffy area rugs.  Learn from our mistake, ONLY purchase rugs without looping. Do NOT buy carpets made with a loop or berber.  When your dogs play on the carpet, their toe nails WILL get caught in the loop!  Poor little Rocco Jet had a very bad experience when his toe nail was ripped out.  It looked like a scene from CSI, there was blood everywhere.  If this happens, you have to take your dog to the Veterinarian so that they can treat the toe and prescribe medication to avoid infection.  Needless to say, now we have LOOP FREE area rugs and our dogs are VERY HAPPY!

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Specialty Referral and Emergency Hospital, Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH), Naples, Florida

Animal Specialty Hospital - ASH

Animal Specialty Hospital (ASH) located in Naples, Florida is the largest specialty referral and emergency hospital in Southwest Florida.  ASH is the only hospital in Southwest Florida to offer board-certified veterinary specialists in neurology, surgery, internal medicine, critical care and oncology.

Services available:

Critical Care & 24 Hour Emergency
Neurology & Neurosurgery
Internal Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
General Surgery
Physical Rehabilitation
Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging

We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Carnes a few years ago when we had an emergency with Bruce Lee.  Dr. Carnes was the emergency room neurologist and examined Bruce Lee, unfortunately he was experiencing severe back pain.  At the time, Dr. Carnes was located in Southeast Florida, near Miami.  We are so lucky that during this scary time we met Dr. Carnes.   She treated Bruce Lee and instructed us on how the body type that Bruce Lee has (long spine and short legs) makes him prone to spine related problems.  At the time, Bruce Lee only needed bed rest. She informed us that Bruce Lee’s back problem could improve on it’s own or unfortunately it could get worse.  She informed us that the minute we notice that he is having a serious problem walking, we need to get him into surgery immediately to avoid paralysis.

A year later, out of the blue one morning, Bruce Lee lost the use of his back legs.  We rushed him to Dr. Carnes brand new facility, ASH in Naples, Florida.  She was able to located the problem immediately and rush him into surgery. Bruce Lee is now walking perfectly with absolutely no pain and we couldn’t be happier.

The medical team at ASH are extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Everyone from the front desk customer service to the medical specialists make you and your dog feel very welcome and as soon as you walk through the doors you just know you are in good hands.  The facility is brand new, the medical equipment is state of the art, and ASH is the only facility on the Gulf coast to have a high-field MRI, CT and physical rehabilitation center within the hospital.

Even though I currently live in Miami, I will drive the hour long car ride to make sure my dogs are treated by the veterinary medical specialists at ASH.

The following is a video we captured while Bruce Lee was at ASH for his 2 week post operative visit. A dog was getting water therapy and we were able to peek in and record the following footage . . .

Animal Specialty Hospital – ASH
10130 Market Street
Naples, Florida 34102

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How to Correctly Clean Your Dogs Ears


Itchy Ears?
Itchy Ears?

We had no idea that we were cleaning our dogs ears incorrectly until we noticed that both, Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet were constantly scratching at their ears, constantly shaking their heads and rubbing their faces on the carpet.  We took both of our dogs to visit our Veterinarian and she took a quick look into both of their ears and noticed that they had clean outer ears, but dirty inner ears.  We were using special cleaning wipes made specifically for cleaning dogs ears and wiping around the inside of their ears.  We also would take a Q-tip and try to get the harder to reach areas further in their ears.  When, we described our ear cleaning routine to our Veterinarian, she said we were doing it ALL WRONG.  She took the time and showed us a diagram of the inner and outer ear and the correct way to clean their ears in the future.

Inner Dogs Ear
Inner Dogs Ear

Dogs ears have a very long inner ear canal that has a sharp bend that makes it prone to ear infections.  When we were trying to remove hair and debris from the inner ear with the Q-tip we were actually pushing all of it into the sharp bend.  There is no way to safely use a Q-tip on your dogs ears and we were told to completely stop this practice entirely.

All Natural Ear Wash
All Natural Ear Wash

The only safe way to clean your dogs ears is to purchase an ear wash made specifically for dogs ears, ask your Veterinarian for a recommendation.  We purchased Pet Botanics Naturals All Natural Herbal Ear Wash.  Add approximately 10 drops into the ear, the liquid will travel down into the inner ear canal and around the sharp bend to rest inside the very inner ear.  Rub your dogs outer ear, massaging gently, this will swoosh around the ear wash inside the ear canal.  This loosens the hair, wax and debris that is resting inside the canal.  Then allow your dog to shake their head repeatedly.  This forceful shake will remove the ear wash from inside the inner ear along with hopefully the hair and debris.


Then take a soft piece of tissue and gently wipe the outer ear, removing the debris that may have flown out of the ear canal.  Do this to both of your dogs ears at least once a week.

Luckily, Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet just had dirty ears and no infections were present.  Doing this cleaning process once a week will keep their ears clean, non itchy and smelling wonderful.  If your dog is scratching its ears constantly, has smelly ears or if the inside of the ears are swollen and red, there may be an infection, make sure you get your dog to a Veterinarian right away for treatment.  Ear infections can be extremely painful and uncomfortable and must be treated immediately.


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Jellyfish Warning . . .

Jellyfish Invasion
Jellyfish Dangers . . .

South Florida is currently having a very dangerous Jellyfish issue that we want to make dog owners aware of.  Literally, every foot in our waterways there is a jelly fish and these sea creatures are extremely dangerous and can seriously harm or even kill your dog.  It is advisable to avoid the water until this infestation of jellyfish clears.

Jellyfish Invasion
Jellyfish Invasion, view of a canal in North Miami.

Jellyfish stings are highly venomous and extremely painful.  If stung, avoid rubbing the area, adding fresh water, alcohol, spirits or urine to the area.  This can actually encourage the release of additional venom.  To help alleviate the pain, add vinegar, salt water or baking soda paste to the area, this will help with the removal of the venom. If your dog is stung, take your dog immediately to the veterinarian for treatment.

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A Hurricane is Approaching – Are you and your Dog ready?

Hurricane Preparation
Hurricane Preparation - Bruce Lee is ready, are you?

Thanks to Irene, hurricane season has officially begun and the fear and panic are also approaching with the big storm.  Well, FEAR NOT dog parents!  Preparing for the season and all the storms that are coming our way will alleviate those negative feelings and make the hurricane season a “breeze”.

1. Take your dog with you.  If you decide to stay in the area for the storm at home, at a friend or family members home, bring your dog with you.

2.  Register you and your dog at the nearest Pet-Friendly Evacuation Center.  If you live in an evacuation zone or a mobile home register as soon as possible because these evacuation centers fill up quickly.  Contact your local government offices for more information.

3.  Make sure all vaccines and shots are current and up to date.

4.  Have your dog micro-chipped by your vet or Humane Society.

5.  Make sure your dog has an ID tag and license on their harness.

6.  Fill all of your dogs prescriptions before the approaching storm.

7.  Have extra dog food in stock and a lot of extra bottled water.

8.  Make an emergency kit, with your dogs vaccination records, medications, first aid supplies, toys and an extra harness and leash, dog food and water. You may need to leave in a hurry, so have this kit ready to go.

There are dog friendly establishments, such as doggie day care and boarding facilities that offer special services for hurricane evacuations.  These are great alternative ideas for hurricane season.

The most important thing to remember is that our dogs are our family members, never leave your dog child behind in any situation during a storm.  If you cannot get to a friends house, or a pet friendly evacuation center or a dog boarding facility, you can also check into an inland dog friendly hotel.  If you are prepared, you will have the peace of mind and supplies to ride out the storm safe and secure.

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Benefits of Brushing Your Dogs Coat Daily


Rocco Loves his brushing!

My dogs go weak in the knees when you pet them, they collapse into the massage position with just one touch.  It’s kind of embarrassing when guests visit and they go to pet Bruce Lee when he is relaxing in his bed and he spreads his legs apart like a perv, insinuating with his actions that he wants his inner thighs and belly tickled.   I always know what’s happening, even if I’m not in the room, because you will inevitably hear, “Oh My.”

I have learned from groomers and veterinarians that most dogs usually only really need one bath each month.  Depending upon your dogs actions, if they go swimming in the ocean or the pool, or run through the mud, then of course, they will need a quickie bath.  But usually, just once a month.  Massages are great because they are relaxing and comforting, but the benefits of brushing your dog are phenomenal.


Flea Comb
Using the Flea Comb to check for fleas.

All dogs, all hair types (long or short hair) need regular brushing.  Brushing is yet another wonderful method of bonding with your dog.  The gentle strokes are calming and relaxing and different then a massage.  Brushing keeps the coat and skin healthy by distributing the natural oils, removing hair that has fallen out, cleaning debris that your dog may have sat it (grass or dirt) and can also detect if there are any fleas or skin conditions that you may have not noticed from a basic massage.   The first thing I do is comb my dogs hair with a flea comb and put the hair on a white paper towel.  Looking for little specks of “dirt”, if I find any, I dab a little water on the “dirt”.  If the “dirt” turns red, I know that is flea poop and we have a flea problem.  If not, we move on.  Using a variety of brushes is great, I use soft bristle brushes like the kind you buy for newborn babies (this one is my dogs favorite), wire-pin brushes and slicker brushes.

Daily brushing is an excellent way to help your dogs coat and skin stay healthy, helps avoid mats and tangles, is extremely relaxing and comforting for your dog and creates a wonderful bond between you and your dog.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!