Bruce Lee at the Beach

Bruce Lee at the Beach

I am always trying to find fun ways to entertain my dogs.  Sometimes I feel so sad when I look at them and they seem so incredibly BORED.  Yes, they have their dog toys, though it’s funny I will spend a small fortune finding the coolest, organic dog toy for them to play with and they get the biggest thrill from the empty cardboard toilet paper roll.  Dogs are really easy, we usually do too much for them and they usually are not entertained.  There are so many events for dogs that turn out to actually be more for the dog parents than the dogs.  Next time you are at a dog event, look around at the dogs – they are usually bored out of their minds and miserable because they are dressed in uncomfortable outfits.  My goal is to find you a ton of really fun things for your DOG.

My first mission for you is to pretend you are a professional photographer.  Make a plan ahead of time of different shots you would like to “try” and get.  Examples (ideas):

1) Action shot – of your dog jumping, digging, rolling in the grass, etc.

2) Serious thinker shot – of your dog looking off into the distance, relaxing with the sun on their face, etc.

3) Water shot – (waterproof camera required) of your dog swimming in the pool or playing in the beach break, etc.

4) Personal shot – of you and your dog, either hold the camera out with one hand and take the shot of you and your dog, or if you happen to have a tripod and a camera that has a auto-shoot function or bring a friend to capture you and your dog doing something fun together (walking, swimming, playing, etc.)

All of these things require you to interact with your dog, your dog is actually having FUN and bonus, you may just get some amazing shots for your collection. Remember to bring tons of water, keep it fun and let your dog control the photo shoot. Once your dog gets bored – the photo shoot is over and on to the next mission. I will keep you posted on new ideas that are simple, safe, healthy and most importantly FUN!

Send us a cool shot from your photo shoot and we will post our favorite! For more information on how to submit your photo visit:

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!


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