Terra Paws

Terra Paws All Natural Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats

The Good: All natural, freeze dried, no fillers, no additives or preservatives, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no gluten or sugar, nothing artificial, all ingredients are produced to human grade standards in USDA certified facilities, all ingredients are USA sourced and based and operated in the USA, every batch is tested for coliform, salmonella and more, high in vitamins A, B and C also high in minerals and Retinol, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Thiamin and more, high in antioxidants, freeze drying retains all of the natural nutrients, enzymes and amino acids and very easy to break apart – DOGS LOVE THEM!

The Bad: Only sold in select boutique stores, but all products are available online at the Terra Paws website.

The Review:  We met Terra Paws at a pet expo a short while back and found the representatives to be very friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable about their natural pet treats and all of the health benefits associated with all of their products.  We tested Terra Paws freeze dried beef liver dog treats.  The first thing we noticed was that our taste testers, Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet, became crazy obsessed with the treats and started acting like police K9 search and rescue dogs. Let me explain, it was obvious right away that they immediately fell in love with the treats from the moment I opened the bag, they both started sniffing like crazy and couldn’t wait to start eating.  Once I gave them the treats, they couldn’t eat the treats fast enough, then after I sealed the bag and put the treats away, they both started sniffing and searching for the bag throughout the kitchen.  It actually got pretty intense, after we would distract them and bring them out of the kitchen, we would find Bruce Lee sitting and looking up at the cabinet with an intense stare – he used his keen animal senses to determine exactly which cabinet in the kitchen the Terra Paw treats were in and was just waiting for more!  Who knew I had such a detective in the family?! We finally had to put the Terra Paws bag in the refrigerator to keep the dogs from continuous searching and sniffing for the treats.  Needless to say – these are really great tasting treats and your dogs will absolutely LOVE them!

The Terra Paws treats are very versatile . . . you can simply give as a quick treat or place a treat in a small amount of water which makes them reconstitute and take on a whole new size and texture for a different experience or break apart and sprinkle on top of dog food for an extra pop of flavor and taste.  The treats are perfect for training, because you can easily break apart and give tiny little pieces for rewarding positive reinforcement without giving your dog a whole treat.  Its healthy and your dog will definitely be motivated during training!

We really love the fact that they make our dogs happy and that they are safe and healthy for them as well.  Rocco Jet is difficult to feed, he has such a tiny mouth and sometimes has a problem with treats and food being to large and difficult to eat.  The great thing about the Terra Paws treats is that they are easy to break apart and easy to chew.  Sometimes Rocco gets food or treats stuck in his back teeth in his gums and panics, but because of the Terra Paws texture, it’s not too soft – it’s not too crunchy, this has never happened.  Rocco just gobbles up the treat and begs for more.  I also love the fact that Terra Paws goes above and beyond to use human grade ingredients, produced in USDA certified facilities, sourced and manufactured in the USA, tests that the ingredients are safe and that they are all natural without any additives or preservatives.

Thank you Terra Paws for producing safe, healthy and delicious dog treats!

Terra Paws
150-A Dunbar Ave
Oldsmar, FL 34677
Phone: (727) 803-5035

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!


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