Target PetRx

Target PetRx

I have been purchasing my dogs prescriptions from Target for about a year now.  Rocco Jet has a heart condition which requires him to be on three different (very expensive) medications every day.  Luckily, two of them are actually human grade prescriptions and I am able to buy them through Targets $4 Generics Program, which is AWESOME!!  Unfortunately, one of the prescriptions, Vetmedin, is not human grade, it is solely for Veterinary use and I have to purchase this medication at my local Veterinary Clinic.

I was very happy to learn recently that Target is now stocking your dogs (and cats) prescriptions!!  Target’s PetRx is only available at select Target Pharmacies, so call ahead of time to find the location closest to you that is participating.  This means less driving all over town, less gas and less money, what could be better than that?  Plus, some of your dogs medications are also available with Targets $4 Generic Program.  So when you are turning in your dogs prescription to be filled, ask is your dogs medication comes in the generic equivalent.  I checked on Rocco’s Vetmedin to see how much of a savings I was going to get if I purchased from Target . . . unfortunately it is not one of the $4 Generic medications, but I will be saving $18 by purchasing the Vetmedin from Target, instead of from my local Veterinarian, which is huge!

I have seen a pretty impressive change lately, in grocery stores, department stores like Target and Walmart, wholesale clubs like Sam’s and Costco . . . . I have noticed the pet isles are getting bigger.  I don’t just see a small expansion like a few extra products added to the shelves, I see the isles are becoming departments, entire sections of stores!  Obviously we are all spending more and more of our hard earned dollars on our dogs and the retail giants have taken notice.  I am so pleased to see that they have finally realized that our dogs are our family by providing our furry family members with discounted medications and entire sections of stores.  Thank you Target!!

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