VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance

VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance

First, I’d like to start with a little background about both our dogs.  Rocco Jet is a nine year old Toy Rat Terrier that we rescued as a puppy from a puppy mill.  Rocco has had many medical problems ranging from MPL – luxating patella and a spinal cord injury to congenital heart disease.  Bruce Lee is a 4 year old Corgihuahua, he was found wandering the streets of Miami alone, hungry and left to die until the Humane Society of Greater Miami rescued him.  We adopted Bruce Lee when he was 4 months old.  Bruce Lee has had several of his own battles with health problems from malnutrition from being abandoned with little or no food, a fractured bone when he jumped off my bed during his first week at his new forever home, to a herniated disc that almost left his back legs paralyzed.  Thinking of all the health issues that we have lived through and all the stress that comes from a family member hurting or being sick, I’m the most grateful that during these difficult times, I never had to worry once about either or our canine son’s not having VPI pet insurance.  The same comforting feeling you have as a human to have health insurance, it’s the same feeling we have for our dogs.  The reassurance that there is financial help when you are in a crisis is priceless.

VPI makes it so simple; you just pick the plan that best works for you and your done.  Both our dogs have always been covered by VPI major medical plan.  VPI Pet Insurance created the pet insurance industry in the US in 1982.  VPI Pet Insurance offers zero co-pay and the best reimbursement stats of any other pet insurance policy on the market.  With 29 years of experience and excellence in the pet insurance industry I wouldn’t trust my dogs insurance to anyone else.

As I mentioned, both of our boy’s have had their fair share of medical problems, with every doctors appointment and every hospital stay, VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance has always been right there with us.  I asked the question, “Should your dog have health insurance?”  My answer is 100% YES.

Veterinary Pet Insurance
P.O. Box 2344
Brea, CA 92822-2344

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