Pet Pee Pee

Naturally Blended Dead Sea Minerals

The Good: All Natural, organic, completely odor free, multi-surface, pet friendly (safe for animals), easy, permanent.

The Bad: Only sold at some Dog Boutiques, Cleaning Supply Stores and online at the Pet Pee Pee website.  Not sold at the big superstores  . . . yet.

The Review: In order to do this review, we needed to wait until one of our dogs made a “mistake”.  Our dogs are pretty good about not peeing on our carpet, but after a few weeks, little Rocco Jet made a mistake.  Hey, accidents happen.  We were so excited to use the Pet Pee Pee finally.  We followed the instructions exactly.  Shake well, saturate area, let sit for 3 minutes, absorb excess moisture with paper towel and allow to dry 100%.  It felt strange not scrubbing the area (the instructions said not to scrub, just apply pressure).  Immediately after following the instructions, while it was wet, I smelled the area and I didn’t think that it worked.  I removed all of the pee, but I felt like I still smelled pee pee.  So I waited for it to dry 100%.  The next day, I did a sniff test to the area, it was 100% dry and I smelled absolutely nothing. No smell, no pee pee, no cleaner, nothing.  It was wonderful.

Since the initial first test, I have been using the product repeatedly on a couple more “mistakes” and it continues to work perfectly.  I have the 32 oz. size bottle and I have used it several times and I have only used a quarter of the bottle.  I would definitely recommend this product to clean up pee pee stains and smells.  I love the fact that it is colorless and odorless. the other products changed the color of my carpet and didn’t actually remove the smell.  This does both,  removes the smell and doesn’t alter the color of whatever you use it on.  Thank you Pet Pee Pee for creating such a wonderful, safe and effective product.

Pet Pee Pee
1442 SW 12th Ave.
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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