Planet Petco Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Bruce Lee enjoying his Plant Petco stuffed animal.

The Good: Eco Friendly, safe non-toxic materials, 100 % natural sustainable cotton, made with safe natural vegetable dyes, durable and very stimulating and fun for your dog.

The Bad: Be cautious with strong chewers with any dog chew toy.  Dogs can quickly rip apart any toy.

The Review:  I am very much an advocate of all things “Green”.  I especially want to protect my dogs from toxic dyes and materials, especially since chewing on dog toys is their number one activity.  I was so excited to purchase Planet Petco’s Eco Friendly dog toys for my dogs.  Even more excited when I got to the cash register and found that I was purchasing during a SALE and got all the toys 1/2 off!  The prices are normally about average for dog toys, which was shocking, because usually “Green” products tend to be a little more pricey.  The selection was great, you can choose from a simple rope or a cute stuffed animal, or toys with squeekers, or toys with different textures to stimulate your dogs to chew.  Bruce Lee really loves theses Eco Friendly toys.  The rope and the doggie stuffed animal that I bought for him, he keeps in his constant rotation.  He chews much more aggressively on the rope and really has tried to destroy it without avail.  The doggie stuffed animal he prefers to “tooth” (just using his front teeth) and lick passionately.  I am so happy that Petco has produced this line of products – I wouldn’t purchase anything else except these safe, all natural, non toxic toys!

Planet Petco Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Planet Petco Eco Friendly Dog Toys

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