Rocco Loves his brushing!

My dogs go weak in the knees when you pet them, they collapse into the massage position with just one touch.  It’s kind of embarrassing when guests visit and they go to pet Bruce Lee when he is relaxing in his bed and he spreads his legs apart like a perv, insinuating with his actions that he wants his inner thighs and belly tickled.   I always know what’s happening, even if I’m not in the room, because you will inevitably hear, “Oh My.”

I have learned from groomers and veterinarians that most dogs usually only really need one bath each month.  Depending upon your dogs actions, if they go swimming in the ocean or the pool, or run through the mud, then of course, they will need a quickie bath.  But usually, just once a month.  Massages are great because they are relaxing and comforting, but the benefits of brushing your dog are phenomenal.


Flea Comb

Using the Flea Comb to check for fleas.

All dogs, all hair types (long or short hair) need regular brushing.  Brushing is yet another wonderful method of bonding with your dog.  The gentle strokes are calming and relaxing and different then a massage.  Brushing keeps the coat and skin healthy by distributing the natural oils, removing hair that has fallen out, cleaning debris that your dog may have sat it (grass or dirt) and can also detect if there are any fleas or skin conditions that you may have not noticed from a basic massage.   The first thing I do is comb my dogs hair with a flea comb and put the hair on a white paper towel.  Looking for little specks of “dirt”, if I find any, I dab a little water on the “dirt”.  If the “dirt” turns red, I know that is flea poop and we have a flea problem.  If not, we move on.  Using a variety of brushes is great, I use soft bristle brushes like the kind you buy for newborn babies (this one is my dogs favorite), wire-pin brushes and slicker brushes.

Daily brushing is an excellent way to help your dogs coat and skin stay healthy, helps avoid mats and tangles, is extremely relaxing and comforting for your dog and creates a wonderful bond between you and your dog.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!


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