Stink eye

Rocco Jet giving the "stink eye".

I think my dog needs an intervention.  In all of my grand efforts to give my dog a better life, I think I have created a spoiled little over-privileged pup!  He has become very vocal – demanding his food and treats when he wants them, demanding to be held and cuddled with all day, demanding to get his massages, demanding me to play ball with him all day, demanding to use the “Big Fancy” stroller instead of the regular one and always giving me the “stink eye” in order to get what he wants.

I have been very giving when it comes to Rocco because of all that he has been through  . . . two MPL surgeries, a near choking incident which created a disk injury and subsequent disk surgery and a heart condition (leaky valve, murmur, enlarged heart).  So yes, I baby him.  Whatever Rocco wants, Rocco gets.  I am completely aware that I have created this problem.  He is 9 and set in his ways so I don’t want to rock the boat too much and stress him out, but I must do something.

You know when human kids get out of control and need to learn life lessons on value, you would take them to a homeless shelter and have them volunteer passing out blankets and food.  Maybe I could put a little hair net on Rocco and have him volunteer at the Humane Society, passing out food to the homeless dogs.  Or create work program that he can get rewards for, like if he cleans up his toys or does extra volunteer therapy work, he gets extra privileges.  Maybe I can gather all of our friends and family and hold an intervention.  We can all confront Rocco and tell him that we love him, but he needs to be less demanding.

Or, maybe I could just accept my creation and enjoy the “stink eye” in all its adorableness.

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