Celebrating Your Shelter Dogs Birthday

Bruce Lee's Birthday is April 23rd, he is extremely helpful, clever and beautiful.

So you searched and found your new furry family member and adopted a shelter dog, congratulations!  Depending upon the shelter or rescue organization that you adopted your dog from, they may or may not have had accurate or sufficient information to provide you an original date of birth.

My adopted shelter dog, Bruce Lee was found walking the streets alone as a tiny little puppy.  They were able to determine his approximate age by evaluating the amount of growth to his teeth at the time.  After conducting several other tests, they also provided us with the approximate date of birth of, April 23, 2007.   You can use the date that the shelter provides you as your dogs birthday, or you can use the date that you adopted your dog and brought your new dog home.  Everyone has a homecoming date for their new dog and that is such a special time that can be cherished and celebrated every single year!

Another fun and interesting way to determine your dogs birthday is to go by your dogs personality traits.  Pick the one is MOST like your dog to determine your dogs birthstone and birth month . . .

January – Garnet – Ambitious, powerful, leader, stubborn, loyal, attention seeker, curious, deep thinker.

February – Amethyst – Witty, intelligent, outgoing, peaceful, faithful, sensitive, driven.

March – Aquamarine – Cheerful, affectionate, quirky with a fun sense of humor, kind, dreamer.

April – Diamond – Diplomatic, helpful, adventurous, active, restless, emotional, clever, beautiful.

May – Emerald – Joyful, independent, secretive, intelligent, quick tempered, active, adapts well to new situations.

June – Pearl or Alexandrite – Foresighted, worrier, talkative, friendly, stylish, polite, sensitive.

July – Ruby – Enthusiastic, unpredictable, dedicated, hard worker, sharp minded, deep thinker, quiet.

August– Peridot – Brave, daring, jealous, quick tempered, strong character, observant, creative, faithful, generous.

September – Sapphire – Wise, humble, inspiring, cool in difficult situations, loves to travel, knowledgeable, industrious, friendly, helpful, loyal, fun, confident.

October – Opal or Tourmaline – Clairvoyant, leader, amiable, rebellious, clever, faithful, dedicate, emotional, honest.

November – Citrine or Yellow Topaz – Patient, tolerant, compassionate, witty, inquisitive, faithful, intelligent, active.

December – Turquoise or Zircon – Funny, cheerful, vibrant, impatient, trustworthy, dynamic, loved to be praised, outgoing, independent.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!


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