If My Dog Could Talk

What would their voices sound like?

I just seen the preview for the new Spy Kids 4 movie with Ricky Gervais as the voice of a robot spy dog named Argonaut.  The dog is quirky and funny with a strong British accent.  The movie looks like it will, of course, be a must see.  Then I started to think about the dog on the television show Family Guy.  Brian Griffin is the dog, a struggling alcoholic writer, has the voice of a swarthy older sarcastic gentleman.  I look at my two little dogs, Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet and I wonder, if my dogs could talk, what would their voices sound like.

Bruce Lee is four years old and the life of the party!  He is an extremely relaxed dog, that loves people and loves to be touched, it’s all about the massages for Brucie.  When he is with his dog friends he loves to practice his Kung Fu.  Even though he is usually very cool, confident and collected, when he practices his Kung Fu, he becomes very agile and quick on his paws.  His is also part Corgi, so he becomes very serious and focused on walks constantly searching for the next thing to herd. His voice would probably sound to me most like Jack Black or Will Smith.

Rocco is nine years old and very regal.  He is extremely motivated by food and absolutely loves to cruise around in his fancy stroller.  He is also very focused on his walks, because he is searching intensely for fish along the dock. He is not a huge fan of other dogs, simply because he considers himself human.  His voice would probably sound like Alec Baldwin or Gerard Butler.

What about your dogs?


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