If I Could Turn Back Time

Dogs are only puppies for a very brief amount of time.

If I could turn back time . . . I would take a million more photos of my dogs as puppies.  Dogs are only puppies for a very brief amount of time.  When you bring home your new puppy, there is so much happening, let’s admit it, it’s very difficult and extremely exhausting.  Learning to communicate with the puppy, making sure they are comfortable, happy and safe.  Your are teaching your puppy potty training, teaching them what they are allowed to chew on (and what not to chew on), teaching them how to walk with a leash, their first baths, brushing their teeth for the first time, clipping their nails for the first time, etc.  Puppies can keep you up at all hours of the night and most of the time during this process you are basically a walking zombie.  The next thing you know, your puppy is now a little dog.

I look back on my puppy photos and I am so disappointed that there are so few.  I really wish I could turn back time and take more photos.  Unfortunately dogs don’t have the same life timeline as humans and every second that we have with our dogs are extremely precious.  I, of course, have tons of photos of my dogs, but I wish I would have spent more time photographing and recording their brief moments as puppies.  Their little fuzzy faces, their big paws and ears they have yet to grow into, their short stubby bodies, these adorable times when they are beginning to develop into little dogs.  I know for a fact that humans go through the same thing with new human babies.  My older sister, for instance, has a million photos of her as a baby, and me well, I have ONE, someone is standing across the room and took a photo of me in an incubator, in which you can see my tiny baby arm almost waving to the camera through the glass – but that’s it.  I think my family was overwhelmed with taking care of two small children at the same time, that the idea of stopping and taking some great baby photos was not in their thoughts (obviously).  I swore I would not do the same thing with my children, and yet I only have a few photos of my dogs as puppies.  I recommend, that anyone that decides on purchasing a dog, invest in a camera – BEFORE you pick up your new puppy.  I remember with Rocco Jet, we didn’t have a camera so a few days after we brought him home, we purchased a disposable camera so that we would have at least some photos.  Big mistake – those photos turned out horrible and fuzzy!  If you cannot afford to invest in a good quality camera, hire a professional photographer to capture some great shots for you.  Hiring a photographer for a few hours is actually cheaper than a lot of cameras, plus you get absolutely amazing photos!

Take the time during those first few months and take as many photos as humanly possible, have a friend or family member help.  It’s a lot easier when you have someone designated at the photographer that can capture the shots for you while you play with your puppy and help create those memorable photos you will have for a lifetime.

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