Dogs in Condos

My Dog is My Family . . .

I would like to know who started condominium and/or homeowner associations and why?  I understand that there needs to be basic rules in order to live harmoniously with one another, but isn’t that what your local government and police department are for,  to serve and protect?  Basic rules that all homeowners should abide by are maintaining a clean and manicured property, avoiding extremely loud music in the middle of the night, paying your mortgage and property taxes and the basic respect for thy neighbor.  If someone spends, several hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly millions on a HOME to live in, why should there be another home or condo owner telling what you can and cannot do?   Even the most ridiculous rules are being forced on homeowners usually by uneducated individuals that are unable to successfully manage their own lives.  Who started this and why?  I do believe that for multiple dwelling buildings, there should be a state licensed community association manager working for a insured and bonded state licensed property management company that will be held responsible for managing the buildings finances, property common areas, etc.  Last time I checked, we live in the land of the FREE, so why are so many home and condo owners being treated like they live in a prison, where there is absolutely no serenity or peace, only a life of constant battle?  It’s simple, because of these association board members that feel a  new rush of power, one that they never have had in their personal lives because of their usual pattern of personal failures.  How far will they go?  Have you even read some of these “rules” that have been adopted by your association board members?  Scroll through these rules sometime, are your rights as home or condo owners being ignored?  Here is the irony, are you forced to follow these rules and your association board is not? Do your board members do whatever they want?

I always say that I was raised by dogs.  Since I was a baby, dogs have been a huge part of my life.  My dog Pepper, a beautiful black Lab and my best friend when I was 7, taught me about unconditional love and parenting when I helped her through her pregnancy, birth and raising of her puppies.  She was truly a phenomenal mother to her puppies.  Each and every dog in my life has brought me unmeasurable joy and love and has helped me become a better person, more mature, more nurturing and more giving.  I do truly believe that all animals, especially dogs, are precious gifts from Heaven put on this earth to educate and remind us about Faith and unconditional Love.  Someone, telling me that I cannot have a dog in my life is ludicrous.  The majority of people that own dogs, have dogs in their lives because they feel the exact same way as me.  My Dog is My Family!  An association board telling me I cannot have a dog, is like telling me I cannot have a child.  Remember home and condo owners that live with an association board, MAJORITY RULES!  For everything, most people are fearful to voice their opinion, why?  This is your home, this is your family.  Let your voice be heard.

If you are having issues with having your dog in your condo, contact Citizens for Pets in Condos.  They assist in creating a Win Win situation for people and pets.  They help stop the condo wars on pets. They are able to provide you with information on health benefits and legal information.

DOGZAR ~ My Dog is My Family, Together We Rule the World.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!


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