Nadine Litterman

We met Nadine Litterman 4 years ago after we adopted our little Bruce Lee from the Soffer Fine Humane Society in North Miami.  Because the importance beginning dog training right away we immediately started searching for a phenomenal dog trainer when, as destiny would have it, we found Nadine.  Immediately our dogs fell in LOVE with Nadine (we also enrolled Rocco Jet in the classes to help socialize him).  I’m a dog Mom that actually listens to my dog, if he doesn’t like someone there is a good reason and if he falls in love with someone, it speaks volumes about the person.  Nadine is a genius with dogs, she has a very peaceful, calm and in control demeanor. She knows exactly what your dog needs in order to be happy, well trained and obedient.  After spending 2 seconds with Nadine, you immediately know you, and your dog, are in good hands!



I trust Nadine completely with the well being and care of my two canine babies.  Nadine is the one I trust to home sit our dogs when I have to leave town and cannot take my dogs with me.  I can completely relax and enjoy my time away knowing my boys are safe and happy (and having the time of their lives) with Nadine.  For me to say that, is a HUGE deal.  I am one of those crazy, over protective, always worried Mom’s!  I am very happy to say, that because of Nadine, both Bruce Lee and Rocco Jet are socialized, perfectly trained little gentlemen that respond to people, dogs and even children in a curious, loving and happy way.


Rollover Rovers & Happy Tails Dog Training

Nadine offers:

Group training or Private one-on-one training to suit the needs of your dog.

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Testing

Cageless Boarding



and Weight loss Assistance

Happy Tails

It is so important to enroll your puppy in dog training.  Step one: Adopt a dog from the Humane Society or local animal shelter. Step two: Buy all the necessary food and supplies (dog pillows, beds, blankets, toys, pee pee pads, dental cleaning supplies, harness and leash, organic dog food, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, dog health insurance, new camera, doggie car seat, . . . etc.) Step three: Enroll immediately in dog training and socialization!

Bonding with your dog during training will help you and your dog communicate easily in the future.  Dogs have a language that is very easy to learn and with training and socialization you and your dog will have a wonderfully happy life together.  I am so happy that Rollover Rovers & Happy Tails Dog Training with Nadine Litterman is DOGZAR’s very first Business Spotlight.  Dog owners and dogs in South Florida are so lucky to have Nadine Litterman living and working in the area.

Rollover Rovers & Happy Tails Dog Training with Nadine Litterman
1933 NE 164th Street
North Miami, Florida (FL) 33162

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!


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